365 Archery Premier Shafts 400 - Single

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This is a 365 Archery Premier Shafts 400 single featured by 365 Archery. Archery Country carries a large selection of archery supplies, bows, and archery accessories.

365 Archery Premier Shafts 400 Single

SHAFTS ONLY. The 365 Premier arrow is the standard diameter model of perfection. It's 100% carbon construction makes it extremely durable coupled with the .001" tolerance and spine aligned for outstanding down range performance. Fletched with a 3" Bohning Shield cut X-Vane at a 3 degree helical to provide maximum steer with a lower profile for minimum wind drift and clearance issues on your cable guard and rest. Also available in shafts.

  • 400
  • 400 8.2 gp
  • .245" Diameter
  • Ice Coated
  • Spine aligned for more accurate broadhead flight
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