MAD RIP Growl Game Call

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MAD RIP Growl Game Call

When it's time to pack your gear bag, make sure to include the MAD® RIP Growl Game Call. By simulating the natural vocalasal cavity structure of a whitetail deer, it produces incredibly realistic whitetail deer vocals. It utilizes the exact same volume of air that a deer would use, so that each sound is channeled to a precise accuracy. Its precision tone system produces exceptionally loud vocals that can cut through the densest forest, so you'll be able to attract deer even from a distance.
Manufacturer model #: MD-525.

  • Incredibly realistic whitetail deer vocals
  • Loud enough to cut through dense areas
  • Easy to use

This is a MAD RIP Growl Game Call featured by MAD RIP Calls. Archery Country carries a large selection of archery supplies, bows, and archery accessories.

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