2019 Bowtech Bows

2019 Bowtech Bows

Bowtech Realm SR6

The “SR” in Realm SR6 stands for Speed Redefined. This is the fastest, most powerful bow in the Realm series. The draw cycle was designed to put the heaviest weight up front, when archers have the most power. As a result, this bow draws buttery smooth, but the weighted overdrive binary cams spit arrows out at incredible speeds.

Bowtech Realm SS

The “SS” in Realm SS stands for Super Smooth. The bow was put through an extensive sound and vibration laboratory test, and Bowtech fine-tuned it to create a super smooth bow before and after the shot. Powered by the newly-designed, weighted overdrive binary cam system, the Realm SS is smooth to draw and accurate to shoot.

1. OverDrive Binary - The only cam system with identical cams that are linked together & can be easily adjusted, providing 100% control of both vertical & horizontal nock travel 

2. CP Dual Lock - Double-locking limb pockets, creating zero-tolerance stability & repeatable accuracy 

3. FLX Guard - Terminates riser torque, providing increased forgiveness & accuracy 

4. Clutch Performance Grip - The most comfortable modular grip on the market 

5. Orbit Dampener - Multi-positioning to offset accessory weight, while absorbing unwanted vibration 

8. Solid-Core Limbs - One-piece wide platform, solid-core construction that provides the ultimate in stability & durability 

7. PowerShift - Customize the draw cycle to adapt to any shooting style

About Bowtech

Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Bowtech employs over 300 team members. It is the parent company of industry leading brands including Diamond Archery, Stryker Crossbows, as well as Excalibur crossbows, based out of Kitchener, ON, Canada. This extensive network of companies gives Bowtech world class design expertise, and vast manufacturing ability.

Bowtech bows are made in America, by passionate employees who take pride in every step of the build process. From their in-house string facility, to high quality finish process. All to build the most advanced archery product known to man, with the quality and service you would expect.

About Archery Country

Archery Country is home to the Midwest's premier archery proshops. Located in Waite Park/St. Cloud, MN, Rogers, MN and Brainerd, MN. We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge and depth of products. Archery Country provides professional advice and service for bows, archery accessories, and everything archery or hunting related.

Here at Archery Country we are proud to bring you the largest selection of bows in the Midwest. With hundreds of bows in stock online and in-store, we have what you are looking for. No more driving from store to store to try out bow models. You can come in shoot them all and know that you’re not getting steered in the wrong direction because that's only what the store carries.

We are a full line dealer of Mathews, Mission, Bowtech, Diamond, Quest, Prime, Hoyt, Elite, PSE, Strothers, Bear, Martin, Obsession, and Expedition. We also carry a full line of crossbows as well that include Mission, Excalibur, Velocity, Killer Instinct, Tenpoint, PSE, Stryker, Parker, Horton, and Barnett.

We also carry tree-stands, camo clothing, archery manufacturer clothing, archery accessories, rangefinders, knives, targets, trail cameras, food plot seed, deer minerals, and much much more!

Being a dealer of all brands there are not any bows or crossbows that Archery Country is not experienced in setting up or servicing. We provide a full line of pro-shop services from bow setup to tuning. If you are buying a bow or just getting one worked on, rest assured the Archery Country staff are some of the best trained bow techs around.

Information Source: bowtecharchery.com

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