2019 Bowtech Reckoning

2019 Bowtech Reckoning

The Bowtech Reckoning was engineered as the first bow to feature DeadLock technology, providing what consumers asked for…accuracy. Not just accuracy, reliable accuracy. This premier bow focuses on a “crossover” product role, and is at home equally as a Target/3D bow, in addition to a longer length axle-to-axle hunting bow option. The Bowtech Reckoning, a new dawn in accuracy that is precise for life.

The Bowtech Deadlock Cam Drive

Cam Drive offers the ability to quickly and easily adjust the string path and put the energy directly behind the arrow, without the need of a bow press. An evolution of the OverDrive Binary Cam system, Cam Drive features a patented adjustment system which, with the simple turn of a screw, adjusts the cams left or right to perfect the string path, then locks down for accuracy that is precise for life.

Bowtech Deadlock Pocket

Locks the entire bow structure as one and eliminates unwanted, accuracy-robbing component movement shot-to-shot.

Deadlock Cable Containment

Reduces torque and increases forgiveness on every shot, translating into consistent accuracy.

Bowtech Reckoning Specifications 

  • AXLE-TO-AXLE - 35"
  • IBO SPEED - 335 FPS
  • DRAW LENGTH - 26 - 31"
  • DRAW WEIGHT - 50, 60, 70 LBS

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