2019 Mathews Bows Vertix and Traverse

2019 Mathews Bows Vertix and Traverse

Mathews Vertix Bow

The 2019 VERTIX is the peak of versatility and performance. Switchweight modules allow you to change peak draw weight in 5 pound increments. Available in 60, 65, 70 and 75 pound peak weights, each set of mods are programmed for an incredibly smooth draw. The new Engage™ Grip interface was designed to ensure consistent hand placement, reducing torque and increasing accuracy. While more versatile than ever, silence and efficiency remain king, and with 20% less vibration than the TRIAX, the VERTIX delivers an experience that is both unexpected and unforgettable.

Mathews Traverse Bow

At 33 inches axle-to-axle, the Traverse is built on a highly stable platform and provides draw lengths up to 32 1/2 inches. It’s powered by our award-winning Crosscentric Cam technology producing speeds up to 338 fps, while our 3D Damping technology drastically reduces post-shot sound and vibration. The Traverse also features our all-new Engage Grip, which is designed for consistent hand placement to reduce torque and enhance comfort for all shooters regardless of hand size.

Mathews Bows Then

From humble beginnings to the perhaps the most recognizable name in the bow industry, Mathews Inc. has shaped the bow market since its start in 1992.

Mathews Inc. founder, Matt McPherson, began building bows at a very young age. His passion began after his mother wouldn’t allow guns in the house. If Matt wanted to hunt, he had to do it with a bow. At the young age of 13, Matt made his first ever compound bow.

In the 1970s, Matt McPherson started making recurve and compound bows. This led to the start of McPherson Archery. The McPherson Brand bows were taken from an average of 50% let-off to a remarkable 75%, making it easier for archers to draw and hold more weight. The company was sold in 1989.

In 1992 Matt McPherson took his idea for a new cam design and started Mathews Inc. This, at the time, small company started in Austin, Minnesota with just two employees — Matt McPherson and Joel Maxfield. Their niche? The single cam. This made Mathews bows lighter, faster, quieter and extremely accurate. This design revolutionized the bow industry.

Mathews Bows Now

Today, using state of the art equipment, Mathews handles all aspects of their bows. This includes research, development, manufacturing, finishing, and lifetime-warranty service. The result is a bow and a shooting experience unlike any other on the market.

About Archery Country

Archery Country is home to the Midwest's premier archery proshops. Located in Waite Park/St. Cloud, MN, Rogers, MN and Brainerd, MN. We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge and depth of products. Archery Country provides professional advice and service for bows, archery accessories, and everything archery or hunting related.

Here at Archery Country we are proud to bring you the largest selection of bows in the Midwest. With hundreds of bows in stock online and in-store, we have what you are looking for. No more driving from store to store to try out bow models. You can come in shoot them all and know that you’re not getting steered in the wrong direction because that's only what the store carries.

We are a full line dealer of Mathews, Mission, Bowtech, Diamond, Quest, Prime, Hoyt, Elite, PSE, Strothers, Bear, Martin, Obsession, and Expedition. We also carry a full line of crossbows as well that include Mission, Excalibur, Velocity, Killer Instinct, Tenpoint, PSE, Stryker, Parker, Horton, and Barnett.

We also carry tree-stands, camo clothing, archery manufacturer clothing, archery accessories, rangefinders, knives, targets, trail cameras, food plot seed, deer minerals, and much much more!

Being a dealer of all brands there are not any bows or crossbows that Archery Country is not experienced in setting up or servicing. We provide a full line of pro-shop services from bow setup to tuning. If you are buying a bow or just getting one worked on, rest assured the Archery Country staff are some of the best trained bow techs around.

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