Archery & Hunting Safety for Kids

Archery & Hunting Safety for Kids

Kids tend to want to do everything mom and dad do. It's a great idea if your family is into hunting and archery to get them involved early on in their life. Kids are like little sponges. They are able to soak up instructions and information very easily from a young age, so the younger you can get them into your favorite outdoor activities, the safer it will be for them. Here are some great facts to look at about hunting and archery to make it fun and safe for the whole family from

The Appropriate Age is to Start This Outdoor Activity

Keep in mind that every child is different and that you as a parent know your child's abilities and wishes better than any parenting article is going to tell you. With that being said there are some good guidelines to look at as far as hunting and archery go. Also make sure before you start you look into the local and state guidelines in your area on the ages that you can even take your kids hunting with you. There are some states that are more "youth friendly" than others. Federal law doesn't set a standard minimum for this either, so a quick Google search of your own state will work. Most states do offer a youth hunting license beginning at age 12. As far as the right age to get them familiar with a bow or rifle? That's a little more complicated. A child as young as 4 or 5 can definitely take instruction and handle an unarmed weapon to become familiar with how to operate one safely. You have to gauge their interest and know your own child well. If you feel like they are going to be open to calm instruction, can physically hold the weight that a bow or rifle requires, and has a decent attention span, then they are probably ready to learn the basics of this fine sport.

How Hunting as a Family Builds Close Bonds

When you teach any child a life skill, especially one that utilizes the great outdoors, you are going to naturally become closer as a family. Hey, anything to get them away from their screens for a minute or two right? Being outside in the fresh air, learning a new skill, and being outdoors in the elements is not only great for their mental wellbeing, but it's always good to do something physical. There is definitely too much sitting inside playing video games or watching the latest YouTube star on their smartphones. Learning to hunt, fish, or simple archery target practice with a parent or grandparent is going to build strong family bonds for life with memories your child will cherish forever. They won't remember that video game they played a million times, but they will remember the skill you taught them when using a bow and arrow.

What This Sport Teaches Us

The sport of hunting, either with archery equipment or a shotgun, also teaches kids about self-reliance, how the food chain works, and instills confidence. When they learn this important skill, it's something they can do for the rest of their life with friends and family. It's also a life skill they can pass down for generations to come.

Some Cool Gear Recommendations From Archery Country

If you are in the market to buy some newer equipment to teach your child below are a few great models to start with. Get your child involved in the process of picking out their own equipment. This will also help them to feel like they are an exciting part of this learning process.

Bear Warrior Compound Bow

Bear Warrior Compound Bow

Modeled after adult compound bow designs, the Warrior is the perfect transition youth bow for young children to adolescents. With a 24 to 29 lb. peak draw weight, this bow can help better prepare and train youth for the future.

Includes Whisker Biscuit, the safest rest in the archery industry.


Greatree Element Youth Recurve Bow

Greatree Element Youth Recurve Bow

The Element® bow is our new price point entry level beginner bow with looks that rival any bow in its class. White glass over maple limbs give the Element® the look of a more expensive recurve bow.

Wood limb tip accent the look of the Element® and make it an excellent youth and beginner bow


Velocity Youth Archery Race 4x4 Compound Bow

Velocity Youth Archery Race 4x4 Compound Bow Package Camo 

The Race 4x4 Compound Bow Package from Velocity Archery is an incredible value. Light-weight, forgiving, & accurate. Featuring adjustable draw length and draw weight in a compact bow suitable for all types of archer's.


Hoyt Ruckus

Hoyt Ruckus Compound Bow RH Camo

Meet the new Ruckus, Hoyt's latest performance driven youth bow. Offered at a great price and loaded with technology, Ruckus allows young shooters to develop their skills with a bow that fits. Ruckus features a full 12 inches of custom draw length adjustability, in one inch increments with the all new Ruckus Cam.


Other models to consider are the Mission Hammer, Mission Swith, PSE Mini Burner and the Fred Bear Species. Archery Country also offers Kids Classes available for ages 5-14. 

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call and our customer service team will gladly be able to guide you in the right direction with your purchase.

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