Best Broadheads for Small Game

Best Broadheads for Small Game

Small game hunting with archery can be extremely challenging and a great way to hone your skills! While deer, bear, elk and turkey seem to dominate the bowhunting scene, small game can provide fast and consistent archery action boasting a longer season that outlasts the peak of the deer rut. So when your deer season is over whether you bagged your venison or not, why not consider chasing a bunch bushy tailed squirrel that kept pestering you while awaiting your buck to walk by? You already have most of the gear to do it, your bow, release, and a quiver full of arrows. Consider this when it comes to how to tip your arrows.

Selecting your small game broadheads

When considering small game heads the first thing to think about is if you are shooting in a grassy environment or up into trees. Great for anything on the ground or eye level, Slick Trick broadhead company has a small game head called the “Riptrick”. The Riptrick uses a 7/8th inch 4 forward swept blades that deliver shock and energy into your quarry. The Riptrick does not tear up your small game the way a standard broadhead does, leaving as much usable meat as possible. The other advantage of the forward swept blades is that the “claw like” blade does a great job at preventing your arrows from burrowing under the grass in the event of a miss or pass through. G5 S.G.H (small game head) has a very similar profile, slightly larger at a 1” diameter. 3 forward hooks or blades instead of 4 used in the Riptrick.

If you are sending your arrows up into the trees, maybe consider a head that has more of a blunt head or shocker style head that would be less likely to stick into the tree. Companies like Saunders, Dead Ringer, Zwickey, and Carbon Express have bludgeon or “thumper” style small game heads. All of these use pure shock to bring your game down to your level out of the trees. All use hardened rubberized ends that will not stick into the branches or trunks of trees where your furry or feathered quarry may like to hide.

The most common style small game head is probably the Judo Point. These heads can be shot at game on the ground and spring steel arms that protrude its body grab the grass making it nearly impossible to lose your arrow. Equally effective at elevated quarry these blunt tipped style heads usually do not stick into trees or branches making arrow recovery much easier. A few things to consider that might help aid in finding those precious arrows back to be shot again and again. Brighter colored fletching stands out and can greatly reduce amount of time spent searching, other things like lighted nocks or wraps on the back end of the arrow can also help. Typically draw weight does not need to be near as high as for big game, consider turning bow poundage down to reduce how far an arrow will fly in the event of a miss.

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