Crossbow Safety Basics

Crossbow Safety Basics

Shooting a crossbow can be a very fun and also effective way to put meat on your table. With crossbow shooting getting faster and flatter year after year, you need to make sure you take a couple precautions before firing your new crossbow.

Examine Your Crossbow

First thing to do is look over your bow extensively, especially your strings, cables, cams, and limbs. If you see any hairline cracks in your limbs, fraying or cuts in your string/cable, then bring it to your bow shop for them to take a look at it and see if they should be serviced.

Safety While Cocking the Crossbow

When cocking back the string on the bow, one should never cock the bow by grabbing it with bare fingers. Reason why this is not a good idea is that it is very easy to slip the string out of your fingers because of the high poundage, and severe angle of the string. Another reason why cocking the string back with your bare fingers is that the cams can lose their synchronization with each other because it is easy to pull more from one side to the other. Many manufacturers make rope cocking devices that make it much easier and safer to cock back.

Safely Loading a Crossbow

When loading your crossbow, make sure that you use the correct bolt that the manufacturer recommends, if you shoot the wrong nock, this will do damage to your bow. Another thing to inspect is the bolt itself. If the bolt has any cracked in it, it could blow apart at the shot. Once your bow is cocked and loaded, make sure that your fingers are kept down on the rail and the crossbow is pointed in at your intended target.

If you follow these steps, you will have a safe, effective shooting session or hunt with your new crossbow! 

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