Episode 15: Target Archery with Jason Goedken

Episode 15: Target Archery with Jason Goedken

In this episode, we talked with Jason Goedken a very accomplished target archer on shooting, bow setups, release execution, arrow tuning, and shooting tournaments! We go into depth about each of these topics. If you've ever been curious about competitive archery, paper, or 3-D, this is the podcast for you!

Jason's accomplishments include:

  • 2021 Rushmore Rumble Champion
  • 2020 Indoor National Virtual Champion
  • 2020 Vegas Champion
  • 2018 Indoor National Champion
  • Top 4 in Lancaster Classic
  • Reserve Champion In 2019 Redding
  • Reserve Shooter Of The Year In NFAA

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Feb 18th 2021 Archery Country

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