How to Prepare for Next Season

How to Prepare for Next Season

Are you ready for next archery season? Here are a few ideas on how to best prepare yourself and your equipment to ensure the best season yet!

Shooting Practice

The best thing you can do is practice, practice, practice. Shoot at home with one of the many targets we sell or schedule a time at one of our ranges. To schedule range time, call your local Archery Country. Below are a few practice targets we offer. 

Shooting Practice Blocks - Archery Country

The 365 Archery proprietary "Self Sealing" foam provides for superior stopping power even for crossbow bolts. The outer target cradle, that contains the center core, provides for an increased target arrow area providing additional safety for errant shots and reducing or eliminating the need for additional back stops!


Shooting 3D Deer Targets - Archery Country

The GlenDel ® Buck 3-D Archery Target with vital inserts provides one of the most realistic practice models around. Based on the size of a 200 lb. live deer, this target captures the form of a deer and has a functional vitals area to ensure correct targeting by the hunter. The vitals area can also be replaced after wear, and the head is removable for enhanced maneuverability.


Elk Hunting Target Sheet - Archery Country

Experience the majesty of this western favorite with the Elk target face from Arrowmat™. The 17" x 17" mat, features durable self healing foam rubber that will face up to 1,000 shots. Grommets in each corner make for easy hanging. 


Bow Tuning 

Bow Tuning and Pro Shop - Archery Country

Our archery pro shop services are handled by expert bow and arrow techs. We will get your bows of all makes and models tuned up and accessories installed as you need. If you purchase accessories from our location its free installation. Whether you need bow tune ups or expert advice on what should be done we can help.  Learn More

Bow Service and Setup

  • Complete Bow Tune and Setup
  • New bows and accessories installed
  • Bow setup
  • Bow tune ups
  • Bow safety inspections
  • Bow string replacements & installations
  • Bow site and rest adjustments

Arrow Service and Setup

  • Arrow cutting
  • Arrow tips and broadhead suggestions
  • Arrow fletching and vanes
  • Draw length measurement
  • Arrow consultation
  • Any arrow question
  • Any arrow service

Join a League

Archery Leagues - Archery Country

Archery Country leagues begin in January! Join fellow archers as you sharpen your skills and compete against each other for prizes. We offer a range of different leagues for all different skill levels at our three locations in Rogers, Waite Park and Brainerd. Learn More

League Offerings 

Bow Hunter League - 2 Person Teams, you can either choose your partner and we can assign you one - will be a 11 week league and will be a mixture of targets. (St. Cloud, Rogers and Brainerd) Cost is $100 per person.

Techno Hunt League - 2 Person Teams, you can either choose your partner and we can assign you one - This will be a 12 week league on our techno hunt machine, each week the two person team will shoot 30 arrows. (Brainerd Store Only, call our Brainerd Store to sign up).

Kids League - will be a 10 week league which will start the same time as our bow hunter leagues. (All stores) Cost is $50 per person.

Target League- will be a 10 week league with target bows and equipment, call a store for more details.

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