Hoyt 2018 Bows

Hoyt 2018 Bows

About Hoyt 

When Earl Hoyt Sr. started his archery company in 1931, simple draw knives and wooden billets were the tools of the trade, but through all the years and all the advancements, three things have always been synonymous with the Hoyt brand – quality craftsmanship, innovative designs and passionate employees.

Since 1931, Hoyt has been an industry leader and a world-renowned brand in archery and bowhunting. The Hoyt family was responsible for innovating more new archery ideas than anyone in their era, and that trend continues today.

Since the sport of archery’s return to the Olympics in 1972 where Hoyt bows won both men’s and women’s gold and ignited Hoyt’s dominance on the Olympic stage, more medals have been won with Hoyt bows than all other bow manufacturers combined.

From its humble beginning in a small workshop in St. Louis, Missouri, to today’s world-class, 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah, Hoyt has been the world’s premier bowmaker. Just as in the past, today every Hoyt bow features a long list of technologies and innovations. They know that serious bowhunters and archers are different and demand equipment that will allow them to perform at the highest level whether in the woods or on the tournament line. No gimmicks. No shortcuts. Simply the best they know how to make.

The same principles and philosophies that the Hoyt Archery Company were founded on in 1931 flow stronger than ever through the company today. Hoyt’s nearly nine decades of industry-leading products and long-term stability is a testament to the commitment, dedication and passion of its employees. And as they look to the future, they’ll remain 100% committed to building the most innovative and technically advanced equipment for the most serious archers and bowhunters across the globe. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

2018 Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1

The REDWRX series is engineered for the bowhunters that demand everything from their bows. This bow from Hoyt is over-engineered to perform in the most extreme conditions imaginable. The zero-torque hyper cam creates a balanced side-to-side load eliminating the need for a flexible cable guard.

  • Draw Weight Ranges: 30-40 lbs., 40-50 lbs., 50-60 lbs., 55-65 lbs., 60-70 lbs., 70-80 lbs. 
  • Draw Length Options: Cam 2 (24.5" - 28"), Cam 3 (27" - 30"), Cam 4 (29" - 31")

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