Late Season Whitetail Tactics

Late Season Whitetail Tactics

As the hunting season continues to progress, some people might be finding it difficult to locate, track, and successfully harvest their game. During the late hunting season, there are a few tactics that people should employ to improve their ability to hunt whitetails. These have to do with clothing, technology, scents, tracking, and more.

Choosing the Right Clothing

First, those who are hunting later in the season need to make sure they have the right clothing. Obviously, as the temperatures drop, people will need to stay warm; however, the clothing will still need to breathe well. As hunters continue their trek, they are going to warm up. The clothing needs to be able to breathe.

There are a few other features for hunters to consider as well. Make sure the clothing has plenty of pockets for carrying the various essentials. Pocket locations might include the front hip, back hip, and added cargo pockets. In addition, try to find clothing that has articulated knees. This will contribute to added mobility. Finally, late-season clothing should also have a cinch-able waist to keep the clothing secure along with adjustable waist buckles that contribute to a custom fit.

Employing the Latest Technology

Without the cover of foliage, it can be a challenge to hunt during the late-season; however, there are a few pieces of technology that can be helpful. First, invest in a trail camera. Use these to monitor trails and food sources from a safe distance. Late in the season, whitetails have become educated and can see farther without the protection of foliage. Using a trail camera to monitor a certain area from a safe distance is a key advantage.

Furthermore, even though the temperatures have dropped, it is important to continue to invest in insect repellent. Try to find a repellent that can kill ticks, mosquitoes, mites, and more. This repellent should protect not only skin but clothing, tents, and more.

Finally, colder temperatures mean that vibrations are going to hurt more. There are options available that can help someone dampen their bow, reducing the force of the vibrations and the sounds coming from the bow itself. Avoid hand and wrist fatigue by investing in the latest archery dampening technology for hunters.

Properly Using Scents in the Cold

During the late hunting season, scent strategies need to change. Warm and humid air create ideal conditions for whitetails to smell everything around them. As the temperatures start to drop, odor molecules are going to move more slowly. Therefore, it is important for everyone to increase the amount of scent they use during colder weather.

Application methods late in the season are going to be limited. Some scents might even freeze up. Scent trails are more difficult to create during this time of year. Some of the strategies people might want to use include employing atomizers that can cut through those cold temperatures. Other hunters might prefer to soak felt wicks in the scent and then place them upwind of the intended target area.

Tracking Game in the Late Hunting Season

When tracking whitetails during the late hunting season, there are a few methods to consider. First, make sure to find a food source. Some of the food sources to consider include beans, grains, corn and brassicas (turnips). Then, scope out this area from a significant distance. By observing the food source from a distance, the location of the whitetail's trail can be identified. This will allow the hunter to figure out exactly where the whitetails are coming from. Remember that without the cover of the leaves (unless there are evergreens), the woods are now open. Animals can see much farther. Therefore, tracking is more important than ever before. Find a food source, combine this with some solid background cover, and observe the whitetails from a safe distance. Then, plan how to move in.

Rely on Proper Late Season Hunting Tactics

These are only a few of the many tactics that people can employ late in the whitetail hunting season. As the season progresses, the circumstances are going to change. Those who are going to have the most success later in the season are those that can properly adapt to these changing conditions.

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