Left-Handed Bows

Left-Handed Bows

In the market for a new left-handed bow? We've got you covered with most of our bows coming available for both right-hand and left-hand shooters. Shop our wide selection of left-handed bows today. 

Bear Kuma LH 70 Badlands Approach

Bear Kuma LH 70 Badlands Approach

The Kuma offers the best of both worlds bringing together speed and comfort. This hybrid cam bow launches arrows at 345 feet per second, and offers a smooth draw and a high-level of forgiveness. Featuring the Bear Cage machining technique, the rigid 1" thick forged riser has been strategically “hollowed out" to lighten the load – yet still prevents side to side flex increasing accuracy. The Kuma features sleeker, smaller, and lighter Sonic Stops dual string suppressors that eliminate noise and vibration.


  • 345 FPS
  • WEIGHT: 4.3 LBS.
  • AXLE-TO-AXLE: 33"
  • LET OFF: 75%
  • DRAW WEIGHT: 45-60 LBS,
  • 55-70 LBS
  • DRAW LENGTH RANGE: 25.5"-30"

Bear Cheyenne Recurve Longbow LH 50#

Bear Cheyenne Recurve Longbow LH 50#

Cheyenne was a collaboration between father and son - Grant Neil Byce II, Fred Bear's retired master bowyer, and Grant Neil Byce III, Bear Archery’s director of operations. The bow's length handles the swept-back style limbs of the Take-Down, while the grip is designed to feel full in the hand while incorporating the half-moon styling reminiscent of Fred’s favorite bows of the early 60s.

Hand crafted legendary performance. Often rated a top buyer's choice for quality and bowyer craftsmanship, the traditional line up from Bear Archery continues to satisfy those recurve enthusiasts looking for a time tested quality hunter. These are the same handcrafted bows that Fred Bear designed and tested all over the world. Exotic hardwoods have been used to create stunning bows that are both superior in the field and almost certainly to become tomorrow's collectibles.

Admire a Cheyenne for the perfect sweep of multiple fiberglass laminates and its hard-rock maple core. With its radius grip, smoothly crowned arrow shelf and fast flight string, the 55-inch Cheyenne launches your arrows without a kick and without stacking the draw.

Fred Bear Cheyenne Recurve 55" Technical Specifications

  • AMO Length 55"
  • Draw Weights available RH 35lb, 40lb, 45lb, 50lb, 55lb, 60lb. LH 45lb, 50lb, 55lb. Please specify draw weight
  • Riser with gray wood tones
  • Limbs have hard-rock maple core with multiple fiberglass laminates
  • Soft Bear hair rest
  • Leather side plate

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