Nicole's Archery Country Story

Nicole's Archery Country Story

February is customer appreciation month and we want to start things off by thanking, Nicole for sharing her Archery Country story! Here's what she had to say:

Meet Nicole Elfmann!

Nicole Elfmann Archery Country

Hello! My name is Nicole Elfmann. I’ve been bowhunting since I was 16 years old. I got my very first bow (Parker) from Archery Country in Waite Park. I was fortunate enough to harvest my first bow buck the year I started bowhunting and I’ve been addicted ever since. I shot a Bear Heartbreaker after that and was able to harvest my first black bear with that bow! Talk about an adrenaline rush! I’m currently shooting the 2017 Mathews Avail, which I purchased from Archery Country in Rogers. I shot a fixed blade broad-head up until this year when I switched to Rage.

My husband knows how much I love archery and that I wanted to start filming our hunts. I have been a Tactacam team member for the past year, and that was my extent of filming equipment until my husband bought me a camera package for my birthday (November). We set out on a late season hunt the beginning of December. Deer were hitting our food plots, but no mature bucks were showing up. We were hunting out of a box blind in the middle of a standing bean plot. We finally had a mature doe come within range and I was able to make a perfect 22 yard heart shot and my husband got some great footage! She went down on film and we successfully got our first harvest on camera. It was only our second sit with the camera! The Avail and Rage broad-heads helped me get the job done! We followed a beautiful blood trail and celebrated a great hunt! Archery Country has been great to work with! The staff are quite knowledgeable and they help you perfect your set-up so you can be successful in the field! 

Follow Nicole on Instagram at @mn_huntress and @drawntorelease! 

Nicole Elfmann Archery CountryNicole Elfmann Archery Country

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