Seasonal Clothing Changes for Bowhunting

Seasonal Clothing Changes for Bowhunting

As the air turns chilly and windy days are more likely than not, it's time to rethink your late-season hunting gear, especially what you wear on your body. It's not just about staying warm, as we all know. Equally important is remaining dry, odor-free, and unburdened by bulky, unbreathable layers that prohibit free movement. Here are a few articles of clothing that will take you from early to late season without blinking an eye. After all, you want that eye focused on other things, right?

Bowhunting Base Layers 

Mobile Warming Primer Shirt Men's Black MD       Mobile Warming Primer Shirt Men's Black MD

What you wear next to your skin is the first step toward comfort, regardless of the season. But as the days gets colder, it becomes crucial. Typically worn over a simple t-shirt, base layers or primers have come a long way in recent years, and one of the most advanced features is instant heat through Bluetooth-enabled technology.

Mobile Warming has got you covered with their base layer shirts and pants decked out with a Far-Infrared heating system. Four different heat settings let you adjust to changing temperatures throughout the day, as well as from month to month as the season progresses. The base-layer shirts and pants for both men and women are lightweight and stretchy for easy movement, and they have moisture-wicking properties to reduce chills and clamminess from excessive layers. Just raise and lower the 7.4 volts of instant heat as needed using a simple tough-button control.

Bowhunting Vests

Sitka Jetstream Vest Optifade Subalpine X Large

A vest is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing for bowhunting, especially when the seasons are changing in unpredictable ways. It provides an extra layer of warmth that can be shed in an instant. It also facilitates torso mobility, keeping your arms free and mobile in those essential moments that matter.

The Jetstream Vest from Sitka serves as a staple for many hunters, and not just for warmth and mobility. It's also engineered with textiles that reduce noise, meaning you won't scare away animals with the rustle-and-bustle of excess clothing. Gore-Tex Infinium and Windstopper technology are known to reduce audible engagement by about 50 percent in most scenarios. 

Mobile Warming offers its Thawdaddy vest in unisex sizes that are ultra-thin for easy tucking away and carting in and out of the woods. It can be worn over a shirt or under a jacket, and it works by using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that emit heat for up to nine hours. The vest comes with three heating panels to generate heat in different areas of your body. Similar to the Mobile Warming Primers, the vest has four adjustable settings manipulated by an LED touch-button controller.

Bowhunting Jackets

Sitka Stratus Jacket Optifade Elevated II Medium

A suitable jacket is arguably the make-or-break article of clothing for late-season bowhunting. Few hunters would actually dispute that, as a jacket is your outermost defense for innermost warmth and comfort. Shelling out the cash for a high-end jacket is one of the most practical things you can do for a long-term investment in outdoor sports, especially hunting. There are loads of good hunting jackets and the Incinerator from Sitka checks all the boxes and then some: warmth, breath-ability, waterproof, lightweight, versatile and moisture-wicking.

What good is being warm if it can be obliterated in an instant by inclement weather? The Sitka Stratus jacket is your best defense against cold and wind, primarily due to its cutting edge technology. TThis versatile jacket is 100% windproof and ultra-quiet thanks to a GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER® membrane sandwiched between warm and silent micro-grid fleece. It’s comfortable enough to stand on its own into mid-season and when appropriately layered, can take you well into the teens.

Bowhunting Bottoms and Bibs

Sitka Fanatic Bib Optifade Elevated II XX Large

For hunting bibs, you can't go wrong with the Sitka Fanatic series, which is specially built for wintry days. The Berber fleece face and WINDSTOPPER Technology ensure warmth and protection from biting-cold winds that quickly lower your body temperature. Full side zippers allow easy in-and-out without removing your boots. Sitka Core bottoms are another valuable investment, and they come in lightweight versions for easy transitioning between the seasons. The heavyweight version of Core bottoms is perfect for next-to-skin warmth during static hunts on frigid days. It also comes with odor-control features and a lofted grid fleece backer for extra warmth and moisture resistance.

Regardless of which clothing options you choose, the fundamental thing is being weather-appropriate to facilitate your bowhunting goals. Decide what's most important to you and then choose the hunting garments that let you pursue that with comfort and precision.

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