Selecting the Best Broadhead for Deer

Selecting the Best Broadhead for Deer

The decision of which broadhead to use for hunting is one of the most important decisions you will make in your hunting career. Some people enjoy the guarantee of a fixed blade working properly. Some shy away from the loss in accuracy especially at longer distances. While others stand by the field point like accuracy at all distances of most mechanical heads. Along with the massive cutting diameter that many of the state of the art mechanical broadheads have become known for. A hybrid is a perfect marriage between the two and has become many hunters favorite for deadly hunts.

Deer Hunters’ preferred broadheads

Rage Hypodermic NC by Rage Broadheads

Rage Hypodermic NC

A popular and very efficient broadhead is the Rage Hypodermic NC (no collar). The Rage Hypodermic NC is an incredibly designed 2 blade broadhead with hybrid hypodermic tips, a narrower profile and an extra slim machined stainless steel ferrule. The Rage NC allows you to simply lock the blades into a position for shooting without a collar. This cutting-edge design features finger-like tabs on the blades Slip Cam™ pivot point to secure them firmly in place while closed. This spring system will completely eliminate the need for a collar, dental band or O-ring, while still providing reliable blade retention. The blades will then precisely deploy resulting in a gaping 2" entrance hole.

Micro Hybrid by Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper Micro Hybrid

Another example of a great hybrid blade broadhead for deer is the Grim Reaper Micro Hybrid. Hybrid broadheads offer the best of both worlds: two no-fail fixed blades and two expandable blades with a large cutting diameter. This year Grim Reaper took its hybrid head and made it micro. The micro design offers superior long range accuracy at super high speeds and extreme penetration. With the smaller blades, the Grim Reaper hybrid micro boasts a total cutting diameter of 2.31 inches. The 100-grain has a 1 1/16-inch leading blade with a 1 ¼-inch expandable blade and a pro tip V notch chisel design.

“Watch ‘em drop!”

Legend 100 series by Solid Broadheads

Solid Legend 100 Series

A great option for a fixed blade head is the Solid Legend 100 series. The Solid Legend 100 is our third choice and solid is a great name for this broadhead as it it nothing short of solid. Solid Legend 100 grain broadhead users know the devastating power of hand sharpened, S30V steel. Solid broadheads will perform every time, in every condition, on every animal. Solid Legend Broadheads are made with S30V stainless steel which is selected for its ability to hold its samurai-style edge curved blades with a 20 degree angle, and because it is tough-as-nails in the field. In fact it’s the same steel that premium knife manufacturers choose for their blades. Solid Legend Series can’t be beat with a 3/4" bleeder, a 1 1/8" cutting diameter and an impressive 4.80" total cutting edge (with 1/2" bleeder) or 5.32" total cutting edge (3/4" bleeder).

All in all any high quality broadhead can be a deadly combination for delivering devastatingly large wound channels. The fixed blade leaves nothing to chance. They may not be as accurate at longer ranges, but when you release the arrow you know what you're getting when it comes to impact. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and personal experiences.

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