Shed Hunting Tactics

Shed Hunting Tactics

Today I will hand you some useful tactics to find those sheds off the deer that you either had some great encounters with or trail camera pictures of over the season.

Shed Hunting - Buck

Shed Hunting - Game Cam pics

As the snow starts to fall, deer will start to rely on different food sources to make it through the winter. You will find that standing corn is a major food source when it comes to heavy and stressful winters.

As you begin your hunt for antlers, you want to think about where the most traffic has been. My plan has always been either the major food source they are hitting, or the bedding areas. As winters become harsh I have noticed to find a lot of my sheds under cedar, and white pine trees. These trees have the most cover and also act as a wind barrier.

Shed Hunting - where to look  shed hunting

Once you have established where exactly your deer are bedding you can then look for signs in the snow and find the heavy trafficked trails that they are using. Once you find a good solid trail or even multiple trails, you can get on them and walk along. It is very possible that the bucks could've dropped their antlers on this trail either going to or coming back from their bedding areas. These trails should lead you to some sort of food source that the deer are going to regularly during the day or at night. Once you get to the feeding area (especially standing corn) you need to keep your eyes peeled! The dry and frozen corn stocks can very easily knock off deer's antlers. A lot of the time the sheds could be partially covered by the corn stalks because if there was a lot of traffic in the corn it can turn into a total mess with the stocks and the cobs.

Shed hunting - corn stalks   shed hunting

I hope these quick and easy tactics make your spring very successful shed hunting. 

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