The Best Archery Targets

The Best Archery Targets

There are a lot of different archery targets on the market today. Deciding which one is going to be best for you will depend on what types of tips you have on your arrows, your budget, and how long you want the target to last. There are 3D style targets that look like animals, block or foam style targets that are usually square, and bag style targets.

365 Archery Targets

In my opinion the line of 365 targets that have recently come onto the market are the best targets available today. They are designed to withstand years of use while being left outside. They offer multiple sizes meaning there is a target for everyone. Something smaller like their 18" Trio target is lightweight, highly portable, and easily thrown into the back of the truck for extended hunting trips. From 18" all the way to their 48" 5 core target is perfect for someone who likes to shoot far distances and have a large backstop. These targets all have replaceable cores that are able to be shot on all 6 sides, giving maximum longevity for the shooter. The targets are able to withstand shots from broadheads, practice broadheads, and regular field tips these targets with a self-healing foam that is easy to pull your arrow back out of. The hard contrasting colors are easy to pick up when shooting close or at extremely long distances. They have solved the issue most block targets have ignored over the years; when the target is shot up, not stopping or barely stopping arrows, instead of having to buy another target simply replace the 10” center core.

3D Archery Targets

3D targets can be great to hone your skills on when you are already sighted in. However, sighting in can be a little trickier not having an actual bullseye to aim at. Most 3D targets do come at a higher price tag for decent quality. There are some less expensive models out there but typically it’s much harder to remove your arrow. The core section or vitals is a much smaller area meaning your margin for error is less. Another thing to consider is shooting these style targets with broadheads. Broadheads will tear the target up much faster than shooting with practice tips, so if you plan on shooting broadheads plan on wearing that target out much faster or consider getting an extra replacement core right away.

Bag Style Archery Targets

Bag style targets can be great for sighting in and practicing. Typically bag style targets are easier to remove arrows from. However, some of the newer style small diameter arrows that have flared out inserts/outserts can hang up on the outer tarp when removing arrows. The other downfall if someone is looking to buy one target and be done is that bag targets shouldn’t be shot with broadheads. Shorter life span on these targets is typical, UV light from being left outside breaks these down even faster.

If you are looking to buy one target that does it all, take a look at the 365 Trio Line. Available in 18, 24, 36, or 48” sizes and multiple configurations, these targets can withstand the elements and thousands of shots, including the high speed crossbows available today.

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