The Best Fixed Blade Broadheads

The Best Fixed Blade Broadheads

The best fixed blade broadhead is a very opinionated subject. There are many manufacturers that produce fixed blade broadheads. The biggest thing as a hunter is to choose a few heads and test them out. This can get expensive though as you’re purchasing multiple packs to test. Normally to test packs get a few friends together and each buy a different brand to test. Also a well tuned bow should, in theory, be able to shoot any fixed head. We will go through the 4 types of fixed blades. Single bevel, hybrid, replaceable blade, and one piece.

Single Bevel Broadhead

The single bevel broadhead is a fantastic head to consider. Because of the single bevel, it gets good penetration. How it achieves good penetration is the corkscrew effect the single bevel causes. It is a very strong and durable design and one of the strongest on the market. There are many manufacturers of single bevel broadheads just to name a few you have Grizzlystik, Strickland Archery Helix, German Kinetic, and Kudu Points. This head is a very good starting point and offers a good amount of penetration especially with lower poundage bows.

Hybrid Fixed Blade Broadhead

Next style is a hybrid fixed blade. These are becoming more popular due to the design of having a fixed cut on a contacted head paired with a mechanical. With this head you’re getting the fixed blade cutting first and in case of a mechanical failure on the mechanical head portion, you get a ⅞-1” cut that still with shot placement could be lethal. A couple of the manufacturers that make this style are Grim Reaper, Muzzy, Rage, and Dead Ringer. These are accurate and durable and a good choice for someone shooting higher poundage bows.

Replaceable Blade Heads Broadhead

The most popular style of fixed blades are replaceable blade heads like the G5 Striker, Grim Reaper Hades, Slick Trick, and Solid. This is the most readily available style of fixed blade broadhead on the market. What makes these the most popular is the ability to replace blades after being shot either into an animal or a target. You also want to check the broadhead for straightness after shooting it into targets or an animal if you plan on replacing the blades.

One Piece Fixed Blade Broadhead

The last style is a one piece fixed blade. These are generally a molded steel or machined, making them very strong and very durable. These are like the G5 Montec CS and the tooth of the arrow broadheads. These are machined and then sharpened. They tend to hold an edge fairly decent as well. Some key benefits are less parts, a solid ferrule, cut on contact, and easily sharpened with a stone.

We hope you are able to make a decision on what fixed blade broadhead is the best for you. Remember the four types are, single bevel, hybrid, replaceable blade, and one piece. Each have their place and are great choices. It is up to the shooter to choose one that works for them. Also remember if erratic flight occurs go to a local pro shop and have them broadhead tune your bow for you.

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