What kind of Broadhead should I use for turkey?

What kind of Broadhead should I use for turkey?

Broadheads are one of the most debated topics in archery, when it comes to turkey hunting they can be the difference in harvesting a bird or having a story of the one that got away.

Turkey Broadheads: All or nothing

This has been my motto the last few springs when the weather starts to turn and turkeys are on the mind. D-cap style broadheads are the first category we will cover. This has been my personal choice the last few years. After trying a few different brands and being disappointed with blade strength I have settled on shooting T.O.G’s Solid D-CAP. The name says it all, Solid D-CAP. These heads are serious, 200 grains of pure gobbler head popping ability. Solid D-CAPS have the most stout, durable, and reusable heads in this category. It was impressive that I was able to shoot them over and over into a pillow style target and not have 1 blade break or bend. Many of the other heads i have played with the last few years had such cheap breakable blades on them that after buying a 3 pack to play with and sight in i would be down to 1 broadhead left for hunting. 

Turkey Broadheads and Arrows

I combo my Solid D-CAPS with Victory Extorsion arrows, a heavier, slower set up helps arrow flight. The other key to this style head is leaving the arrows long enough so that the large blades do not come in contact with either your sight, or your riser. The Solid D-CAPS come in a 2 pack for $59.99. Not the cheapest option but after seeing the durability and shooting a bird with one last year i’ll be able to use that same head again this year. When head/neck shooting a turkey with the D-CAPS i believe you have a larger margin for error than when body shooting. 

Turkey Broadheads: Turkey Kill Zone

The 4” 3 blade broadhead allows you a lot of forgiveness side to side along with how long a turkeys neck is. This is the biggest kill zone on a turkey! With this style head it is important to visit the local bow shop and make sure you get your bow tuned to the longer and stiffer arrow. Spend a little time shooting with just a field tip that matches to 200 grain weight of the head and sight in for those average turkey shots 10 to 20 yards but don’t be afraid to try out 30 and 40 also, you never know when that big gobbler just won’t quite commit to the decoy spread. 

Turkey Broadheads: Sighting in And Target Practice

After sighting in with just the field tip check to see how the broadhead flies. The best way I've found to shoot these heads over and over again is to take a cheap pillow and put it into a cardboard box. The box supports the pillow to keep it upright, but upon impact the light weight target will push back a few feet and have some give. Since we are not going to use the pillow for anything else i’ll draw a 7”x 3” vertical column to aim at. ( this represents the neck of the turkey ) all it takes is for one blade to catch that line. I was very impressed that after a few quick adjustments these heads flew very well that I could hit that column every time out to 30 yards!

Solid D-Caps

Turkey Broadheads: Personal Preference

Before I shot the decap style head i shot expandable broadheads for turkey hunting. I did learn over the years that even in the expandable heads certain styles seemed to work better for turkeys than others. I prefer over the top opening blades better than rear deploy style broadheads for turkeys. 

Just like with decap style heads for most shooters i believe that bigger is better. When body shooting birds the kill zone is no bigger than a tennis ball. My personal go to’s in this category are Grim Reapers White-tail Special broadheads. These heads use an internal spring design that retains the blades closed until impact. No rubber bands, no plastic clips, no O rings, just screw on and go. They offer a 100 grain 2” 3 blade cut, or a 2” 4 blade 125 grain option. Both options come in a 4 pack and sell for $44.99. I have shot turkeys with both and am a firm believer in this set up. This allows you to use your current arrows and have a decent margin for error on body shooting.

Turkey Broadheads for Kids

Let’s give the kids a few options too. The D-Cap is still a great option for them, even though they are pulling lower poundage these heads give the youngsters the biggest margin for error. Keep the shots close and they can have just as good of success with this broadhead. If they are pulling under 50 pounds and D-CAPS are not an option, I would stick with a fixed blade head and have them body shoot. Again bigger is better as long as they are flying good, Slick Trick Viper Trick cut on contact heads with 1 1/16th” cutting diameter or G5 Striker V2 with a 1.25” cut would both do the job. 

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