Why Are Barbed Broadheads Illegal?

Why Are Barbed Broadheads Illegal?

Barbed Broadheads are illegal because they cause more damage and are a higher risk to wildlife. For example, if a non-lethal shot is taken, the barbed broadhead could flip backwards inside the animal. On the other hand, a normal broadhead would just fall out 99% of the time. Poisonous, drugged, barbed or explosive arrowheads are also illegal and may not be used to take any game.


Which states are barbed broadheads illegal?

Arkansas, New York, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Idaho, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Montana, Oregon, Maine, South Dakota and Iowa. Barbed Broadheads are also illegal in Alberta, Canada.

California does not reference it in the regulations, but they have a restriction for broadheads that have to be a diameter greater than ⅞”, which implies they are legal.

What Makes A Broadhead Barbed?

A fixed head is considered barbed if the rear of the blade is less than 90 degrees. Or if the rear of the blade is sharpened like a barb on a hook.

Now here is a list of some specific broadheads that are considered barbed and are therefore illegal in states where there are regulations against the use of barbed broadheads. 

  • NAP Bloodrunner 2 blades 
  • Rage 3 blade (2 blades ARE legal) 
  • Reign Broadheads Tru-fire Switchblades (they now have a non-barbed version of the switchblades but be certain of which one you are shooting) 
  • G5 T3 broadhead 
  • G5 Tekan II 
  • Simmons Original Interceptor


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