Women's Bows

Women's Bows

Archery Country has some great options when it comes to women's bows. Read about them online, then stop in to one of our locations and we'll help you find the perfect bow!

Eva Shockey Bows

Eva Shockey Gen 2 Women's Bows

It’s everything that makes Bowtech bows the most accurate in the world, and then some. No ladies bow on the market even comes close. The Eva Shockey Gen 2 is smooth, hard-hitting, deadly accurate, and weighs in at a mere 3.9 pounds; thanks to its feather-light, yet rock-solid riser. 

Mathews Prima Womens Bows

Mathews Prima Womens Bows

At a mere 3.93 pounds with a 30 inch axle-to-axle and a 5 1/2" inch brace height, the PRIMA™ is compact and provides women truly unmatched performance. Featuring the Crosscentric cam, the new CenterGuard Cable containment system, 3D Damping and the Engage™ Grip interface.

Hoyt Eclipse

Hoyt Eclipse Women's Bows

When it came to designing a premier bow for women bowhunters, Hoyt started with a clean slate. After a whole lot of listening, they took a lengthy wishlist and checked box after box until they had engineered an entire system, optimized for speed, comfort and shootability in one of our most compact bows, the Hoyt Eclipse

Bowtech Carbon Rose Women's Bow

Bowtech Carbon Rose Women's Bows

The Bowtech Carbon Rose is the lightest women’s hunting bow on the market, at just 3.2 lbs. The smooth, comfortable draw cycle and light mass weight are just what you’ve been asking for, without sacrificing the performance you demand in a hunting bow.

Ladies, it's time to get the gear updated and begin the process of getting ready for the next hunting season. Give us a call or stop in to one of our stores today to chat about these amazing bows for women. 

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