Bear Super Magnum Recurve Longbow 48" LH 55#

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This is a Bear Super Magnum 48 Recurve Longbow LH 55# featured by Bear. Archery Country carries a large selection of archery supplies, bows, and archery accessories.

Bear Super Magnum 48 Recurve Longbow LH 55#

In 1966 Bear introduced an effective, comfortable 48" hunting bow, proudly called the Bear Super Magnum 48. Today, it remains a proven performer for those who need a short hunting bow ideally suited for hunting out of ground blinds and treestands or for using as a lethal bowfishing tool.

Fred Bear designed the Super Mag in 1966 for the bowhunter who travels in the brush and those who hunt from treestands. The Bear Super Mag is a compact 48" hunting bow that delivers serious performance. Easy to maneuver in any bow hunting condition and hard hitting on big game. Not recommended for draw lengths over 28" as you will experience stacking (feels like hitting a wall when drawing past a certain length) and serious finger pinch (hurts your accuracy and fingers).


  • Slim, form-fitting grip
  • Grip capped with fiberglass
  • 48" AMO length
  • Riser: Radiused, cut-on center shelf. Solid Bubinga. Rest and plate included. Tapped with 1/4" x 20 quiver inserts. Inlaid Bear medallion. 
  • Limbs: Clear Maple core lamination with black fiberglass on the back and belly. Bow tips are layered black and white fiberglass; allowing the use of today's modern bow strings. 
  • String: DynaFlight 97 Flemish twist bow string. Manufacturer recommended brace height: 8" - 9". Replacement string length of 44".
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