Fuse Focus JR Recurve Bow 48" RH 20# White

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This is a Fuse Focus JR Recurve Bow RH 20#/48 White featured by Fuse Archery. Archery Country carries a large selection of archery supplies, bows, and archery accessories.

Fuse Focus JR Recurve Bow RH 20#/48 White

Need a great starter bow for backyard family fun or an aspiring JOAD shooter? Look no further than the FUSE Focus. The Focus series is the clear choice for backyard fun or competitive shooting, offering low mass weight, custom craftsmanship, the highest quality components, standard accessory mounts for sights and stabilizers, easy-handling performance and wallet-friendly value. Focus is available in 12-28#* and lengths of 48", 54", 62" and 66" to give shooters customization options when looking for the ideal starter or intermediate bow.

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