Down N Dirty Outdoors Strychnine Diaphragm Call

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The Strychnine is a member of the 3 reed Poison series from Down N Dirty designed for loud and aggressive calling. This call highlights a half moon cut on top with a half V cut on the bottom giving a call with solid volume and raspy yelps that are sure to trick even the most perceptive of birds. This call is all about power and volume but can still get soft to finish that bird those last few yards. Each Down N Dirty diaphragm is hand cut and gauge stretched for consistency ensuring realistic hen turkey sound in each call.

Specifications and Features:
3-Reed Poison Series diaphragm turkey call
Combo-cut call that features half-moon on one side and half V-cut on the other
Powerful call for cutting and aggressive raspy yelps, but will tone down
Made in the USA

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