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Duel Game Calls Autumn Thunder 21'' Standard Elk Bugle

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Duel Game Calls Autumn Thunder 21'' Standard Elk Bugle

Keep big bulls talking while chasing elk with the 21'' Standard Elk Bugle from Duel Game Calls. Built around Duel's Dual Chamber Technology™, this large bugle combines an adjustable single reed design for calling versatility with a heavy latex reed for big sound on your calls when needed. Easy to operate, this lightweight 21'' call delivers basic grunts and bugles to high volume bugles for long distance, aggressive calling. Dual Chamber Technology projects each call through 2 separate chambers, mimicking the oral and nasal cavities of a real elk for a fuller, vocally realistic sound. Bugle comes with 2 replacement reeds and 2 o-rings to help you keep it in top operating condition. Call also includes a camo cover for quieter operation and carrying and complete instructions. Duel Game Calls' patented Dual Chamber Technology projects sound through 2 separate chambers, just like a real animal. This emulates the oral and nasal cavities through which sound is projected by real animals, resulting in a fuller, more dynamic sound. Anatomically more accurate and vocally more realistic, Dual Chamber Technology delivers a tonally robust, resonating sound that's better at convincing game you are real!

  • Powerful, dual chambered bugle convinces big bulls you are real and mean business
  • Dual Chamber Technology - mimics elk's oral and nasal cavity for ultra realism
  • Heavy latex reed - bigger sound
  • Adjustable single reed design - produces full range of calls
  • FreezeFree™ design - calls all day without freeze-up, even blows when wet
  • Comes with camo cover, 2 replacement reeds, 2 o-rings, and instructions
  • Made in USA. 
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