Woodhaven TKM Mouth Call (3 pack)

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Woodhaven TKM Mouth Call (3 pack)

Three of our best Turkey Killing Machines...the Red Wasp, Copperhead and Copperhead II

Red Wasp

WoodHaven’s Red Wasp diaphragm call is a best seller among WoodHaven’s mouth calls! The Red Wasp is a 3 reed V-cut call made of a red latex top reed and two straight prophylactic reeds. The Red Wasp produces sharp, crisp cutts and cackles as well as raspy yelps of an ol’ boss hen. When soft calling, this call has the ability to produce very realistic clucks and purrs as well as those early morning tree yelps..


WoodHaven’s Copperhead diaphragm call is a good example of how we at WoodHaven stay on the cutting edge of diaphragm call acoustics. The CopperHead is a 3 reed call that features one reed of orange, silky textured latex with a snake tongue cut, over two clear reeds. The Copperhead is best for hard cutting and cackles, and raspy yelps.

Copperhead II

WoodHaven’s CopperHead II diaphragm call features a special YELLOW latex combination with a ‘snake tongue combo cut’ making it great for raspy yelps, excited cutting, hard or soft clucks, and hitting the high notes.

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