Woodhaven Top 3 Pro Mouth Call Pack

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Woodhaven Top 3 Pro Mouth Call Pack

This pack comes with the Classic V3, Scorpion and Hornet call.

Classic V3 Call

WoodHaven’s Classic V3 is a truly masterful call. The Classic V3 is known for its very raspy tone. Two clear bottom reeds and one top V-cut green reed.

Scorpion Call

WoodHaven’s Scorpion diaphragm call is a classic V-3 with a half-moon cut on one side. The Scorpion is capable of higher tones & kee-kees, plus the raspiness of the V-3.

Hornet Call

WoodHaven’s Hornet diaphragm call is two reeds that runs lke a three reed call. Different in pitch than the V-3, a unique yellow top reed that only gets better the more it gets used.

Woodhaven Diaphragm Calls

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