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Eagle Seeds Black Oats

Eagle Seed's Black Oat has excellent tillers and a root mass similar to cereal rye. The extra tillering provides more stalks and more leaves to feed your hungry herd. This variety stays greener longer providing your deer with more food in the early spring when food is scarce. The biomass of the Black Oat also makes it a superior weed suppressor. Eagle Black Oats have an excellent Carbon to Nitrogen ratio for more efficient mineralization, suppression of nematodes and building of soil organic matter.


  • Excellent Forage Yield
  • More Palatable Than Other Cereals
  • Higher Nutrient Density
  • Makes More Tissue Off A Single Seed -Tillers
  • Covers Ground Quickly
  • Scavenges Nitrogen
  • Wide Leaf Blade More Tonnage
  • Builds Soil/ Shades Ground To Suppress Weeds
  • Can Tolerant Down To 4.5 Ph, But Better 5.8-6.5"


  • Can be double-cropped and harvested 3 weeks to a month before other cereals
  • Plant 45-60 days before your fall frost
  • Use 60-90 lbs. of seed per acre at 3/4 to 1.5 inches deep
  • If broadcasting, late planting, no-tilling, or aerial planting, use 20% more seed
  • Follow your soil test. Oats prefer 5.8 to 6.5 pH and use around 75 units of N
  • When grazing add up to 160 lb. N/acre
  • All oats prefer well drained soil
  • In Northern or droughty regions of the US, always choose Eagle Seed's Buck Monster Wheat over any available oat variety for cold tolerance and security from winter-kill