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GRO Fortress

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GRO Fortress

Annual forages that provide plot screening and cover, Added grain sorghum and millet provides stand ability and winter food for birds. This mix has a 3 tiered approach. The grain sorghum is the shorter tier. The pearl millet would grow 6-7' tall and be the second tier. The screening sorghum and egyptian wheat would grow 8-14' tall and form the third tier. The result is a better standability screening plot. Soil temp of 65 degrees with no threat of frost.


  • Egyptian Wheat
  • Screening Sorghum
  • Grain Sorghum
  • Pearl Millet


  • Planting Date: May-June *** Soil temperature needs to be 65 degrees ***
  • Seeding Rate: 13-18 lbs. per acre
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