GRO Four Galore

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GRO Four Galore

Annual blend of forage soybeans, early growing soybeans, LabLab and cowpeas. This blend is fast growing and very drought tolerant. It handles a variety of soil conditions including a slightly lower pH than regular soybeans. Provides forage that will regrow after being eaten as well as pod forming soybeans for a late season energy source. This is a non roundup ready blend. Do not use roundup on this blend! 


  • Conventional Soybeans
  • Forage Soybeans
  • LabLab
  • Cow Peas


  • Seeding Rate: 50 per acre

  • Planting Depth: 1-1 ½”


  • North: Jun 1-Aug 1
  • Central: May 1-July 1
  • South: April 1-June 1
  • Herbicides you can use: Pursuit for grasses and broadleaves, clethodim for grasses, butyrac 200/2-4DB for broadleaves


  • Fast growing
  • Handles variable soils and lower pH’s
  • Has pods and forage
  • Stays green until a frost
  • Non-roundup product


  • Not cold tolerant
  • Can’t use roundup on it
  • Needs deeper planting depth


Soil needs to be 65 degrees to plant. Once it freezes, this mix dies off.

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