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Create high yielding nutritious food plots in areas where bulk or pellet lime is not an option.

  • Turn poor soil or hard to access plots into productive food plots.
  • Improves seedling vigor and releases nutrients for months of forage growth.
  • Impact is the easiest and best soil amendment to apply in those areas where bulk lime or pellet lime is unavailable or too difficult to apply.
  • Impact is The Next Generation Soil Amendment that releases nutrients and feeds forages in lower pH soils.
  • Water soluble soil amendment that easily mixes and sprays. UTV, tractor or hand held sprayers.
  • Depending on soil type and rainfall amounts, Impact can improve forage quality and growth for 3-5 months with one application. Great for annual plantings. Perennial plots could need two or three applications.
  • Fill impact jug 3/4 full of water and shake for 15 seconds to thoroughly mix into a slurry, and immediately pour the slurry into the spray tank. do not allow impact and water to sit in the jug.

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