Leupold RX-FullDraw 4

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Leupold RX-FullDraw 4

Built with the bowhunter in mind, the new RX®-FullDraw 4 gives you the advantage you need to tag out with your bow. And with 1/2-yard, angle-compensated accuracy, Archer's Advantage software, and Flightpath technology, there's no second-guessing your distances or your shot selection.

Rangefinder - TBR - Archery

Archer's Advantage bow ballistics uses your arrow weight, arrow velocity, and peep height to calculate more accurate ranges for steep angle and long distance shots.


OLED displays use bright red characters and have adjustable brightness setting. This display technology also enables best in class light transmission for use in low light conditions”.

Flight Path

Flightpath™ technology uses your bow's ballistics to display the highest point of your arrow's flight, so you can take tighter shots with more confidence.


Line of Sight (LOS) calculates the distance to a target in a straight line, regardless of any incline or decline.

Selectable Reticles

Offers a variety of reticles to choose from to fit any use or preference



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