Hinge Release


If you're looking to stay more hands free in the field and want more variance in your release, you may want to consider a hinge release. View our selection from brands such as B3 ArcheryScott ArcheryStan Release Aids and T.R.U. Ball® Archery. Learn all about release aids on our podcast, then head over to our YouTube channel and check out our videos on Wrist Strap Vs. Handheld ReleasesBest Thumb Releases for 2022 and Proper Archery Release Execution.

Scott Longhorn Hex Release
Scott Archery
Scott Longhorn Hex Release

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Scott Longhorn Hex Release The Longhorn Hex Release is the perfect option for someone wanting to learn to shoot a back tension release. This release features a pivoting roller design, which allows the archer to comfortably draw their bow without concern...