A product of Archery Interactive, TechnoHUNT is the premiere revolutionary new way to enjoy the classic sport of archery. Whether you are a competitive target shooter or a bowhunter looking to improve your aim, TechnoHUNT offers you an experience unlike any other.

TechnoHUNT is a thrilling interactive target-shooting environment that transports you to the farthest corners of the world, letting you virtually hunt game many only dream of.

Care to try your skill at hitting a target when the wind is attempting to blow your arrows off course? Think you can hit that whitetail deer through the trees at 30 yards? How about 40? These are but a few of the amazing experiences the TechnoHUNT simulator can offer.

$10 for 30 minutes of shooting
$18 for 60 minutes of shooting

Price is for up to 6 people. Additional charges apply if there are more than 6 people in your group. 

TechnoHUNT is available at our Brainerd Location.