NXT Generation Inflatable Box Target

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NXT Generation Inflatable Box Target

The NXT Generation BOX target gives your young shooter the option of shooting with hook and loop or suction tipped projectiles.

The two sided target has smaller target areas so shooters can perfect their aiming skills. Will allow your child hours of fun!

  • FIVE TARGET MARKERS ON BOTH SIDES - The five targets are displayed as 3” x 3” squares to help your child hone their Archery or crossbow skills. One side of the target is for hook and loop projectiles while the other side is for suction cup projectiles.
  • DEFLATE TARGET FOR EASY STORAGE - This target is inflatable and deflatable to make for easy and convenient storage when your child is finished with their target practice. Blows up easily just with the power of your lungs!
  • USE WITH ANY TYPE OF FOAM PROJECTILES - The box target was built for both hook and loop or suction cup foam dart projectiles, not for real arrows or any other projectile that can puncture or damage the inflatable target.
  • 15” x 15” INFLATABLE BOX TARGET - This box target measures 15” x 15”. Help your child improve their aim and watch them smile as they practice with this fun target!
  • SAFE INDOORS AND OUT - Your child can enjoy target practice while indoors or out. They can practice their skills on a rainy day in the comfort of the indoors, or outdoors in the sun!


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