GhostBlind Predator Ground Blind

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GhostBlind Predator Ground Blind

GhostBlind Predator Ground Hunting Blind - How Does It Work? Mirrors!! It's Like Having Thousands of Camo Patterns in One Blind! Design Eliminates Any Unwanted Sun Reflections & Animal Movement! GhostBlind’s® design reflects the sun down to the ground. The GhostBlind® Predator is a (4 panel blind) with shoot-through ports that allow the hunter to shoot from a seated position.

Professional Mirror Deer Blind

The GhostBlind Predator is a premium ground blind intended for use with turkey chairs. The Predator can be used with guns, crossbows, compound bows, and traditional bows.

Stay Concealed

GhostBlind’s unique mirrored design allows hunters to blend into any environment—it’s like having thousands of camo patterns in one easy-to-use ground blind!

Sturdy & Strong

The 4-panel blind is constructed from weather-proof and shatter-resistant material to support years of heavy hunting use.

Quick & Easy Setup

The Predator includes 4 tent stakes, 4 tie-down, and 2 bungee cords to quickly secure the blind while in the field.

Lightweight & Mobile

Weighing in at only 12 lbs, the Predator can be carried deep into the woods without the back-breaking size and weight of other hunting blinds.

Premium Mirror Ground Blind!

Stay concealed during the hunt with the GhostBlind Predator 4-Panel Ground Blind. The Predator is the perfect ground blind for bowhunting or shooting, as it can accommodate crossbows, compound bows, traditional bows, and guns.

Unique Design!

The Predator utilizes a mirrored design that allows it to blend into its surroundings, making it the ideal ground blind for deer hunting in all environments. GhostBlind combines the best aspects of other types of hunting blinds to create a portable, comfortable, and highly-concealed ground blind experience.

Portable and Simple to Set Up!

The Predator is a lightweight ground blind that includes a 1.5” strap for comfortable carrying while trekking through the woods. With the included staking gear and instructions, setting up your ground blind is quick and easy. Check out the optional Deluxe Carry Bag for an upgraded, custom-fit carrying solution.

Durable Materials for Years of Use!

The Predator is constructed from unbreakable, water-proof plastic. Other blinds are made of fabric or other materials that can rip, tear, and wear down over time—GhostBlind hunting products will stand up to years of continuous use.

Additional Accessories!

Upgrade your hunting experience with our essential GhostBlind accessories. For extra coverage, the Predator Height Extenders add an additional 7 inches of height to the top of the blind. The Predator Hunting Chair is a lightweight, durable, and comfortable seating solution for long hours in the wilderness.