Archery Country believes that the heart of any good archery shop rests in having the best possible staff.  We believe we are unique in that aspect in the archery pro shop business, we employ only full-time archery professionals so you can be assured that the bow you are picking out is set up right.  We realize that the best equipment in the world is only as good as it is set up. All of our employee's live, breathe, and eat archery. We are dedicated to the sport and our customers, please consider us to be your pro-shop.

What We Do At The Archery Country Pro Shop


Archery Country carries the largest selection of bows in the midwest from all major bow manufacturers. Archery Country's highly knowledgeable staff offers the ability to try the equipment and ask any questions prior to purchasing. We want to make sure everybody walks out of our pro shop knowing they got exactly what they wanted. After choosing which bow is best for you, Archery Country staff will walk you through the entire process. 


We will go through and determine the proper draw length, draw weight, peep height and other factors to ensure that your bow is custom fit to you. This will help maximize comfort, accuracy, success and happiness… :) 


Whatever your desired goal is with Archery, whether it be shooting for fun in the backyard, hunting or competitive archery, our staff is highly knowledgeable & will make sure you leave with exactly what you need. We stock a large selection of accessories including sights, rests, quivers, releases & more. We realize there is an overwhelming amount of accessories to choose from & we're here to help you make that selection so you walk out with everything you want. 


Everything in Archery revolves around the arrow. With so much debate on arrow set-ups, we will help you weigh through the advantages and disadvantages of different arrow set ups in an unbiased nature to help you pick the set up that makes the most sense for your application. Whether it be a brand new set-up or your favorite bow that you’ve been shooting for years, Archery Country employees are here to understand what your goals are so that you have the best experience possible!


Even the best accessories will not perform without being set up correctly. We offer a free set up for all bows and accessories purchased from Archery as part of our commitment to make sure your set up works best for you. 


After your bow is all set up with your new accessories, we go through and do a tune-up to make sure that everything is working perfectly so that you get the best results. 


Once your bow is set up and tuned, we will proceed to indoor range to shoot your bow. This will include instruction on proper shooting technique and getting your bow sighted in so that when you get home you’re not chasing arrows around the back yard. 


Archery Country is not only concerned about making sure you get everything you want, but also making sure you have everything you need for years to come. We offer free tune ups for the life of your bow and want to see you once a year so we can make sure your bow is in great shape. Whether it be a bow tune up, refletching arrows, restrings, a trade-in or just to stop in and visit your favorite Archery staff...we’re always here to help! 

Pro Shop Media

In this episode we sit down with all the full-time employees of our Rogers location. We go around the table and give our backgrounds on how we got into archery and which aspects of archery each of us has experience in. We give a little glimpse into our lives outside of the shop and then dive into archery pro shop life. We share a few comical pro shop stories. We hope this podcast gives you a better perspective on why we love archery and why we want help others have the best archery experience possible.

This episode is a more casual episode. We sit down with Brandon (Buck), Jon and Adam from our Waite Park location and give you an opportunity to get to know their background. We get into how each of them started archery and how they've progressed to where they are at now. What makes our shops unique is that everyone that works for Archery Country has a serious interest and passion for archery. Every one of our employees has their own interests within archery and share that knowledge amongst one another. We hope you enjoy this episode!