A podcast that entertains and educates our audience in all aspects of Archery in the outdoor industry bowhunting, target shooting, archery life and hunting. Archery Country is the Midwest Premiere Archery Pro-Shop’s located in Waite Park/St. Cloud, MN, Rogers, MN and Brainerd, MN.


We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge and depth of products that we carry in a true Pro-Shop setting. Archery Country provides professional advice and service for bows, archery accessories, and everything archery or hunting related.

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Ep 49: Sitka Whitetail Gear
Wade, Dan and Jack from our Rogers location talk with Chris Derrick, Sitka Whitetail Product line manager in depth about the best clothing for whitetail hunting. In this episode we talk about the Elevated II camo pattern and whitetails eyesight. Then we get into how Sitka builds their gear differently than other brands by solving the common issues that hunters run into with hunting clothes.

We also give Chris different hunting scenarios and ask him what he would suggest we wear for each different scenario and we follow it up with questions from our customers. Listen to the end and hear Chris's answer to "If you had a limited budget and could only buy one piece of Sitka which piece would you buy and why".


Ep 48: Bowhunting Bear with Keith
Some of you may have seen the photos and now it's time to hear the story! Wade sits down with Keith and talks to him about his bear hunting success this year. They talk about the whole process of bowhunting bear, about what gear Keith used and why he chose that equipment.  If you like hunting stories you're going to want to listen to this!


Ep 47: Crossbows 101
Curious about crossbows? This episode is for you! In this episode Wade, Keith, and Desiree from Archery Country's Rogers location sit down and talk in depth about crossbows. Desiree asks the guy's questions that most "new to crossbow" customers have. We discuss when, who and in what circumstances a crossbow can be used in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We cover the different crossbow cocking mechanisms, bolts/arrows and the do's and don'ts of using and maintaining a crossbow. Keith shares his experience hunting with a crossbow last deer season. Wade shares his son's experience hunting with a crossbow also. What's the difference in a $800 crossbow and a $3000 crossbow? We walk you through the process of what we do here at Archery Country when someone is interested in a crossbow and how to choose the right crossbow for you.

Interested in buying a crossbow? Crossbow Line Up - Archery Country


Ep 46: Dog Tracking Deer
Deer season is just 1 month away here in Minnesota. Troy, Brandon and Jon sit down with Jaren Tschida and talk in depth about dog tracking wounded deer with dogs. We talk about how he got involved with deer tracking, how he trained his dog, what breeds of dogs are used, how dogs track deer, and what's the best course of action if you make a less than lethal shot. 

Want more information? Check out MN Tracking Dogs Facebook Group


Ep 45: Swat Broadheads
As we inch closer to deer season, it's time to talk broadheads! In this episode we talk with Scott Romero the owner of Swat Broadheads. He tells us the story about why he started engineering broadheads. We talk in depth about the design of Swat broadheads and how they differ from other broadheads you'll find on the shelf. If you haven't made your broadhead choice for the season you are going to want to listen!


Swat Broadhead YouTube Playlist


Ep. 44: Archery and Bowhunting Fitness
In this episode we have the pleasure of sitting down with Dan Ness owner of MYO Atomic Level Training. We talk about the MYO studio and Dan's history with bowhunting. Then we discuss how physical fitness can really make or break a hunt. Dan talks about his hunting guide experience and how he learned firsthand just how much physical fitness can help maximize your hunting opportunities.  Dan gives some tips on how to get yourself ready physically for bow season. The right gear plus physical fitness enables you to get the most out of your hunting season.  Whether you're hunting out west or in your back yard, this podcast has good information for all hunters. Listen now!

MYO Atomic Level Training: MYO | Atomic Level Training (


43: Self-Filming Your Bow Hunt
In this episode we sit down and chat with Charles Thayer who recently started self-filming his bow hunts. We talk about how he got into archery and his bowhunting journey.  Then we cover the benefits of filming your hunt and how fun it can be to re-live the hunt later. We also go over the cons of self-filming. Charles then tells his story of his 2021 hunt. If you've been thinking about possibly filming your next bow hunt, listen to this episode!

Watch Charles video here:

Check out self-filming products we carry here: Cameras - Archery Country


Ep. 42: GAS Bowstrings with Eric Griggs
We interview Eric Griggs of GAS Bowstrings in this episode. We talk about his history and experience in the archery world and how he started GAS Bowstrings. Then we dive into why quality bow strings matter and how they play a part in your bow as a whole system. He explains how bowstrings are made and why they differ from other parts of your bow when it comes to quality. We talk about what the difference is in a few GAS bowstring options. If you've been curious about if switching up your bowstring makes a difference, then this podcast is for you.


Ep 41: Ask the Archery Experts
In this podcast we answer questions submitted by you, the audience! We cover all kinds of topics like hinge releases, avoiding bad shooting habits, tree stands, and archery leagues. We also answer some fun questions regarding who from Archery Country We would want to hunt with and why, who's the best shot, a few hunting stories about our fathers and grandfathers in honor of Father's Day coming up, what tags each of us have pulled this year and what we are doing to prepare. Wade talks a bit about his Vegas Shoot experiences and much more! 


Ep 40: Which Bow Sight is Right for Me? Single Pin, Multi-Pin, Slider or Digital
Have you ever wondered what the difference between different bow sights is? Then this podcast is for you! Troy, Jon, Brandon and Adam from our Waite Park location sit down and go into depth about all the different bow sight options. We discuss fixed pin sights, slider sights, hybrids and digital sights. We talk about which bow sights each of us personally use, why we chose those sights and our experiences we've had with different sights. We also tackle all the customizable options for many sights and give you some ideas of what you can change on a bow sight to make it work best for you. This is a great podcast for anyone considering upgrading their sight.


Ep 39: Out of State Bow Hunts
Are you thinking about bow hunting out west? In this podcast Troy and Adam ask questions to Jon and Brandon about their out of state hunting experiences. They cover everything from tips for applying for tags, digital scouting, what's on their pack list, suggestions for gear, and many more common questions new out-of-state hunters may have. If you’re thinking about hunting out west and you’re not sure where to start, this is a great podcast to give you an idea of all the details that need to be planned out for a successful hunt.


Ep 38: Why Sitka Gear Is So Good
This episode is a deep dive into Sitka Gear! We talk with Chris Derrick, Sitka Whitetail Product line manager and designer of Sitka Equinox Guard apparel. We talk a little about the history of Sitka. Next, we discuss the Sitka Equinox Guard collection and the engineering that went into this system to solve the problems that bugs like mosquitos, chiggers and ticks cause for hunters. We finish the episode up talking about Whitetail Sitka Systems, camo patterns and what Derrick wears for his season and why. Listen all the way through for tips for washing your Sitka Gear!


Ep 37: Bowfishing with Arrow Saver
We sit down with Monty Mounsdon and Wayne Clauseman from Arrow Saver and talk all about bowfishing. We discuss each of their backgrounds, how arrow saver came to be and how arrow saver solves a common bowfishing problem. Then we dive into competitive bowfishing and how it became an outdoor passion for them. If you love bowfishing you need to listen to this episode!

Check out the arrow saver here.


Ep 36: Arrow Build Debate
This is the episode that you've been asking for! In this episode Jake (Archery Country owner), Wade (from our Rogers location) and Jason (from our Brainerd location) sit down and dive deep into arrow building. We discuss arrow weights, penetration, front of center percentages, broadheads and scenarios. We talk about what arrow builds we shoot and why. We give our opinions and our experiences shooting different setups in different hunting scenarios. Whether you're new to arrow builds or you've been building arrows for years this podcast gives a ton of great information.

Want to get a custom arrow build or have questions? Ask The Experts - Archery Country


Ep 35: Bowhunting Turkeys: Gear, Stories and Strategy
Spring gobblers are on the mind and in this podcast our Waite Park crew is talking all about bowhunting turkeys. In this episode we get into what gear we use, we share a few stories, and talk turkey hunting strategy. We discuss the different options for broadheads and our experiences with each. Specifically, we talk about the pros and cons of body shot broadheads versus head lopping broadhead. If bowhunting turkeys is on your mind listen to this!


Ep 34: Archery Country Pro Shop Talk - Rogers
In this episode we sit down with all the full-time employees of our Rogers location. We go around the table and give our backgrounds on how we got into archery and which aspects of archery each of us has experience in. We give a little glimpse into our lives outside of the shop and then dive into archery pro shop life. We share a few comical pro shop stories. We hope this podcast gives you a better perspective on why we love archery and why we want help others have the best archery experience possible.


Interested in visiting our Rogers location, click here: Archery Country in Rogers, MN


Ep 33: Kanati Land Management
Do you have hunting property or aspire to have your own hunting property to build memories on? You are going to want to listen to this podcast. In this episode we sit down with Nate, Joe and Jake of Kanati Land Management. We talk about how to make the most of your property and what services Kanati Land Management has to help build an ecosystem that can produce the bowhunting memories you are after. We discuss a lot about what land means to owners and how having a team with different ideas and thoughts on how a property should be managed can be a game changer. We also talk about conservation programs that can help fund some of these land management projects. This is information on land management you are not going to want to miss. 


Want more information on Kanati Land Management? Kanati Land


Ep 32: Hoyt 2022 Line Up
We get Hoyt's Marketing Director, Evan WIlliams on again to talk about Hoyt's 2022 bow line up. Evan talks about his 2021 hunting and then we dive right into the carbon RX-7. We also ask what the difference is between last year's HBX cam and this year's HBX pro cam. We talk about how and why the Vital grip is such a win for Hoyt this year. We discuss when and in what circumstances a customer may want to consider a carbon bow over an aluminum bow. Then we get into the changes that Hoyts made this year on their new Ventum Pro bows. We also cover the accessories that are available for these bows. Lastly, we talk about the Hoyt Twin Turbo and the Highline bow. If you want a deeper understanding about what's new in Hoyt's 2022 line up, this podcast is it.


Ep 31: Archery Country Pro Shop Talk - Waite Park
This episode is a more casual episode. We sit down with Brandon (Buck), Jon and Adam from our Waite Park location and give you an opportunity to get to know their background. We get into how each of them started archery and how they've progressed to where they are at now. What makes our shops unique is that everyone that works for Archery Country has a serious interest and passion for archery. Every one of our employees has their own interests within archery and share that knowledge amongst one another. We hope you enjoy this episode! 


Ep 30: Mathews V3X Bow, Everything You Need To Know
In this episode Mark Hayes, Mathews Archery Engineering Manager, joins us again to talk all about the Mathews 2022 line up the V3X. He explains the differences of previous years bow to this year's bow. We get deep into the details of Mathews thought process of how and why those changes came to be. If you're thinking about getting a new bow this year, you are going to want to give this podcast a listen then stop-in and shoot one!


Ep 29: 2022 Bow Releases Rated

Want to know how we feel about the new Bowtech, Hoyt and Mathews 2022 bows that have been released? In this podcast we give a run-down of the bows and we give an overall rating from the archery pro-shop perspective. If you're thinking about an upgrade this year on your bow you're going to want to listen!

Check out the 2022 Mathews bows here: Mathews Bows

Check out the 2022 Bowtech bows here: Bowtech Bows

Check out the 2022 Hoyt bows here: Hoyt Bows


Ep 28:Scent Control with Scent Thief
In this episode we get Russell, the inventor of Scent Thief on the phone. We talk all about scent control, how Scent Thief came to be and the best way to use it with success.  During development, Russell came to realize you can't effectively eliminate odor so he created a product that completely inhibits the ability to smell. Scent Thief doesn't try to overwhelm your senses with a strong cover scent, it actually temporarily relaxes the olfactory epithelium. If you're looking to level up your scent control, you're going to want to listen to this!


Ep 27: Saddle Hunting with Tethrd
We now sell TETHRD PRODUCTS! In this podcast we sit with down with Ernie Power from Tethrd. We talk all about saddle hunting, what it is, why more hunters are trying it and how saddle hunting gives you more options with less weight. If you have thought about saddle hunting or are currently saddle hunting this podcast is a a great mix of entry saddle hunter information and tips, tricks and ideas for saddle hunters to make the most of your hunts. 


Ep 26: Grim Reaper Broadheads
Broadheads are a constant conversation in bowhunting. In this episode we get Matt Bateman National Sales Manager from Grim Reaper on the phone. We discuss the fixed blade broadhead options and mechanical broadhead options that Grim Reaper offers. Matt goes into depth about how there's not a one size fits all broadhead but that it's more about choosing the right broadhead for your arrow setup. We ask Matt some questions we've gotten here in the shop and cover how Grim Reaper's quality differs from other broadheads on the market. This podcast will give you a reference of what matters when choosing a broadhead. Listen now!


Ep 25: Evan Williams from Hoyt
In this episode with talk with Marketing Director Evan Williams from Hoyt about all the 2021 bows. Evan walks us through REDWRX and this years HBX cams. We talk about the difference between the RX-5 and RX-5 Ultra bows and how they compare to the Ventum 30 & Ventum 33. We also talk about what the Torrex and Eclipse bows can bring to the table. This podcast really sums up how Hoyt builds and designs bows with every archer in mind. If you've been thinking about a Hoyt you're going to want to listen!


Ep 24: Powder Ridge 3D Archery Shoot
This is a short episode inviting you to attend our annual Powder Ridge 3D Fun Shoot happening this weekend August 13th-15th, 2021! We run through all the details for those who may have never attended a 3D shoot.


Ep 23: Trail Cameras with Cuddeback Digital
How can trail cameras help with your hunt? In this episode Wade Grinager from our Rogers store and Jason Balach from our Brainerd location talk with Dan Schultz the VP of marketing of Cuddeback Digital, the longest standing trail camera company in the market. We discuss our experience with trail cameras and the options Cuddeback offers for monitoring your property.  We go into depth about our trail camera setups and how they've helped us pursue whitetail. Dan also lets us know that a Cuddeback app is in the works to give customers even more options on accessing their trail camera photos. If you've been curious about Cuddeback trail cameras or are thinking about setting trail cameras up on your property you are going to want to listen!


Ep 22: Orion Hunting Blinds

In this episode we sit down with Jake the owner of Archery Country and Joel from Orion blinds.  We talk about our experiences with hunting blinds and how Orion has changed the game for hard sided hunting blinds. As we talk about all the features of Orion blinds it is obvious that this product has been designed and engineered by hunters. If you haven't heard of or seen Orion hunting blinds check out the YouTube video of Jake and Joel assembling and setting up a blind. Watch now: 


Ep 21: Fall Food Plots With John O’Brion From Grandpa Ray OutdoorsIn this episode we talk with John O'Brion, owner of Grandpa Ray Outdoors about everything fall food plots. From timing to blends to prep to fertilization and more.


Ep 20: Mathews Archery: Everything You Need To Know About the V3 and 2021 Line-Up
Wade Grinager from our Rogers location and Jake Schlangen, Owner of Archery Country and 365 Archery sit down with Mathews Sales Manager and Customer Service Rep, Chris Mobley. With over 20 years of expertise on Mathews products, Chris walks us through the 2021 Mathews Line-Up and takes a deep dive into the Mathews V3.


Ep 19: Releases, Releases, Releases
Wade Grinager from our Rogers location and Nate Warnke from our St. Cloud location talk about all the kinds of different releases and target panic. We discuss command shooting vs punching the trigger. We give tips on how to reduce the chance of punching the trigger with a wrist release. Wrist release, thumb button, hinge, resistance release and back tension, we cover them all. We talk about the releases that we've seen in the shop that work the best. We discuss our own experiences with target panic and how we worked through it.  If you have been curious about the different types of archery releases or are having issues with target panic you are going to want to listen to this podcast!


Ep 18: 3D Archery Leagues and Shoots
Wade Grinager from our Rogers, MN location talks about all aspects of shooting your bow in more ways than just hunting. He talks about indoor leagues, outdoor shoots, 3D shoots and the rules of each, the classes of each, and the equipment. Archery leagues and shoots can be for a wide range of ability and skill levels. They can be as competitive or as fun as you want which makes for the perfect activity for any age. This podcast is a guide to getting started in archery shoots and leagues. 


Ep 17: Elite Archery - The Past, The Present, The Future
We talk to Elite Archery and The Outdoor Group Regional Rep Trent Kleeberger and Pro Staff Coordinator, National Sales Manager, Elite Pro Staff Member, IBO triple crown winner Darrin Christenberry about the Elite bows 2021 line up including the Enkore, Remedy, and Rezult.  We discuss how S.E.T. technology came to be on Elite bows which allows micro-adjustments to the cam attitude with adjustments at the limb pocket and how that's changed Elite bows shootability.  We get a rundown of the history of Elite and where they are headed in the future. We share a lot of tuning knowledge and experience in this episode. Whether you hunt, shoot 3D archery or shoot competitively you'll want to listen to this podcast and what Elite has to offer.  


Ep 16: Turkey Hunting 101 With Matt Dykes

We sit down for over an hour with one of the best archery turkey hunters in the business, Matt Dykes, and cover absolutely every aspect of turkey hunting. We cover clothing, blinds, calls, turkey decoys, decoy setups, and broadheads. If you're looking for tips on maximizing your time and shot opportunities in the turkey blind make sure to listen!


Matt's Accomplishments:

  - Has harvested hundreds of turkeys with his bow
  - Grand Slam with a bow


Ep 15: Target Archery with Jason Goedken
In this episode, we talked with Jason Goedken a very accomplished target archer on shooting, bow setups, release execution, arrow tuning, and shooting tournaments! We go into depth about each of these topics. If you've ever been curious about competitive archery, paper, or 3-D, this is the podcast for you!

Jason's accomplishments include:
  - 2021 Rushmore Rumble Champion
  - 2020 Indoor National Virtual Champion
  - 2020 Vegas Champion 
  - 2018 Indoor National Champion 
  - Top 4 in Lancaster Classic 
  - Reserve Champion In 2019 Redding 
  - Reserve Shooter Of The Year In NFAA


Ep 14: The BIG Three Bow Companies
In this podcast we talk about the BIG 3 bow releases and their new products - Mathews, Hoyt and Bowtech. We give you an in depth look through the eyes of technicians on the leading sellers in the shop and go through some of the stereotypical facts vs. personal experiences. 


Ep 13: 20 Podcast Listener Questions Answered
In this episode Wade, Dan, and Keith from the Rogers, Minnesota Archery Country location answer 20 questions submitted by Archery Country Podcast listeners! We answer your questions about what it's like here at the pro-shop, what broadheads, releases, and boots we use, FOC, 3 vs 4 vanes, tuning, and what tools you need for at-home bow tech work. We talk about our opinions on Garmin sights, Nose Jammer, Sitka, and the new Mathews V3. 


Ep 12: Midseason Practice and Check Up
We go over a midseason checklist you should look at for your equipment and how to practice this time of year along with a quick story on Wades MN success.


Ep 11: McDonalds Meats With Travis and Shawn
We sat down with Travis and Shawn from McDonalds Meats in Clearlake, MN and discussed what they're doing for meat processing in 2020, wild game preparation, what we can do before bringing deer in and what we can purchase from them to help processing at home. They are open for the whole deer season this year and will be providing one of the most professional processing services.


Ep 10: Field To Fork With Culinary Chef Keith Paltjon
We sit down this week with the top chef in hospitality for the biggest racing teams in the Indy race car world. Culinary Chef Keith Paltjon talks about after the harvest wild game preparation. From field dressing to preparing and packaging the meat as well as preparation and cooking with some inside recipes and tricks, Keith knows it all! 


Ep 9: Mark Watkins “The MN Man and His Hunting Accomplishments”
We sit around the studio table with Mark Watkins from Alexandria, MN and visit about his past hunts, from sheep to elk to his family farm for whitetails.  He also discusses his preparation, what he looks for in his setups and what he does from pro shop to field!


Ep 8: Victory Arrows and Components
Our guest Devin O'dea from Victory Archery gives us the company history and technical side on how arrows are built, and what sets Victory apart in the industry. We discuss arrow components, importance on tolerances, and complete arrow builds light vs heavy and micro diameter vs standard.


Ep. 7: DIY Backcountry Fitness and Equipment Preparation with Jim Schulte
From Backcountry DIY preparation, to fitness, and equipment we talk with Jim Schulte, a master in all categories for the hardcore hunter. Brandon , Jon, and Jim go over what you need to do for any hunts.  Preseason prep, hunting meals, filtering water, all equipment. TAC events, Train to hunt events, and Beastmode Jim does them all.


Ep 6: Huntin’ Fool With Guest Jerrod Lile
We catch up with the CEO of Huntin' Fool Jerrod Lile and discuss hunting stories, arrow builds, and the services Huntin' Fool can offer you. 


Ep 5: Practice, Practice, Practice Off-Season Preparation and Equipment Check !
It's time to look over your equipment, its time to update some products, and how to practice for maximum accuracy!


Ep 4: Meet Our Guest Mark Hayes the Design Engineer Manager from Mathews
Mark Hayes design engineer manager from Mathews Inc. answers a ton of questions on Mathews Bows from engineers to consumer very informative and detailed podcast, we touch on a lot of Mathews Bows and accessories.


Ep 3: The Ins and Outs of Bowfishing
Rocking the boat with the staff from Archery Country Brainerd MN store with over 25 years experience behind a bowfishing bow.  We cover almost every aspect of bowfishing from rookies to seasoned bowfishers.


Ep 2: Food Plots and The Process with Guest Don Higgins Real World Wildlife Products
We dive way into food plots and plant specifics the where, when, how, and why.  The owner of Real World Wildlife Products Don Higgins explains all aspects of his products. Product differences and timing along with planting bedding, and cover screening.


Ep 1: Turkey Hunting Recap 2020 Spring Turkey Season
Episode #1 We go over our 2020 turkey season and discuss different setups, rigs, decoys and calling.