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Bohning Pin Nock

Bohning’s Blazer Pin Nock was redesigned in 2019 to fit a broader range of pin sizes – redesigned nocks are easily identified as they are marked with the Bohning logo. The Blazer Standard Throat Pin Nock features a raised index and weighs an average of 5.0 grains (324 mg). Its .120″ (3.05mm) throat size is designed to fit larger diameter bowstrings typically used by compound shooters. Not sure which Bohning Pin Nock you have? The Blazer Standard Throat Pin Nock is marked with the letter “V” for easy identification.

Not all brands of nocks are created equal. At Bohning, every nock style must pass the following steps before introduction to the market:

  1. Computer simulations identify potential weak points.
  2. Destructive testing methods expose possible design flaws or material defects.
  3. Accelerated life cycle testing using a custom-built bow is performed at kinetic energy levels exceeding 110 ft-lbs (nearly twice that of most hunting bows). A single nock must withstand over 1000 shots or it goes back to step 1.

Proudly manufactured at the Bohning Factory in Lake City, Michigan, United States.