What Grain Broadhead Should I Use?

One of the most common questions we receive is, “What grain broadhead should I use?”. This is a fairly simple question as most hunters nowadays use 100 grain heads. With using 100 grain heads you have a multitude of choices from mechanical to fixed blade broadheads. There are a wide array of grains from 75 grain broadheads to the heaviest we’ve seen - 300 grain broadheads. Let's talk about the 100 grain broadheads that are extremely popular.

Selecting the right grain broadhead for you

The 100 grain broadhead is the most common size these days due to carbon arrows and their light weight. The multitude of choices in the 100 grain head range from a mechanical broadhead like Rage, to fixed blade broadheads like Slick Trick and Grim Reaper. The choice between mechanical or fixed is entirely up to the shooter. You would also want to match what grain your field tip is, 100 with 100, 125 with 125, and so on. There are also heavier grained heads on the market.

Most would consider heavier broadheads to be any weight over 125 grains. There are a few companies that manufacture 130 plus grain heads such as Solid Broadhead Company or Valkyrie Broadheads. Most heavier grain broadheads are mainly used by traditional shooters these day. There are some compound bow shooters that shoot the heavier heads up to 300 grain broadheads. The heavier heads will weaken the spine of the arrow, so make sure your arrow is spined right if you want to shoot heavier broadheads.

Broadhead weight matters

With choosing a broadhead weight, most bowhunters are trying to achieve the ideal 12-15% front of center (FOC). FOC is important as it aids in a flatter shooting arrow and penetration. Most bowhunters are running a 390-430 grain arrow with broadhead to achieve this. Now if you’re going to Africa to hunt game, you may want consider shooting around that 550 and up grain arrow with a good solid broadhead. The reason for the heavier arrow and broadhead is for better penetration on bigger animals. Also, some states have a minimum arrow weight you can hunt with so make sure you know your states regulations.

We covered a lot in a few short paragraphs. Just remember to match your broadhead weight to your field point weight. Having an ideal FOC, and matching broadhead to the game your hunting. If you have any questions stop into one of our stores or comment your question below an our team of experts will get back to you.

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