​Wild Turkey Breast Recipes to Try: Using More Than Turkey Breasts

Posted by Archery Country on Apr 19th 2022

​Wild Turkey Breast Recipes to Try: Using More Than Turkey Breasts

Some people think that wild turkey meat isn’t good but the right wild turkey recipe can make all the difference! We noticed that a lot of turkey hunters cook their turkey the same way. We’ve put together a list of turkey recipes to try that may be a little bit different from your typical turkey recipes and use more than just the turkey breast.

  1. Turkey Schnitzel | MeatEater Cook (themeateater.com)

A simple recipe can go a long way and a recipe from MeatEater is one you can trust. Check out this Turkey Schnitzel recipe using 1 turkey breast half.

Wild Turkey Schnitzel in cast iron pan over fire

  1. Tequila Turkey Tacos | MeatEater Cook (themeateater.com)

A crockpot, wild turkey drumsticks and tequila?! How can you say no to trying that? This looks delicious.

Wild Turkey Tequila Turkey Tacos on Parchment paper

3. Cook Wild Turkey Stew | Wild Game Recipes | Mathews Archery (mathewsinc.com)

A good stew recipe is essential! Check out this turkey stew recipe from Mathews.

Wild Turkey Stew

4. Cook Turkey Jalapeño Poppers | Wild Game Recipes | Mathews Archery (mathewsinc.com)

Poppers are another great option for successful turkey hunters to try. Add this mouth watering turkey recipe from Mathews archery to your wild game recipes.

5. David Halloran's Wild Turkey Smash Burger Recipe | SITKA Gear

Who doesn’t love a great smash burger!? Try this turkey season recipe that uses ground wild turkey rather than beef. If turkey hunting doesn’t make you hungry this recipe will!

Wild Turkey Smash Burger Recipe

6. Wild Turkey & Morels (sitkagear.com)

Hank Shaw is a well known master of wild game cooking. This recipe is perfect for turkey hunters, combining two spring harvests like wild turkey and morels can’t possibly disappoint. Check out this Turkey Cutlets with Morels recipe!

Turkey and Morel Recipe

Besides sharing time outdoors and making memories with friends and family, preparing a delicious meal from an animal you harvested while turkey hunting isa big part of the fun. We hope you gave these recipes a try. If you’re still chasing thunder chickens and need gear make sure to shop at Archery Country.

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