Trophy Taker A-TAC Broadhead - 100 Grain (2 pack)

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Trophy Taker A-TAC Broadhead - 100 Grain

Trophy Taker's A-TAC broadheads exude toughness and are engineered for accuracy and devastating penetration. The A-TAC ferrule is machined out of a solid chunk of stainless steel and features a 5/8" cutting diameter on the 100 gr models and a 3/4" cutting diameter on the 125 gr models. A single piece, un-vented stainless steel blade slips through the ferrule and locks into place to round out the four blade design. This 0.080" thick main blade is twice as thick as most blades on the market and honed to a razor sharp edge. The cutting diameter of the main blade is 1 -1/8". This cut-on-contact head has clearly been designed to hunt anything that a bowhunter is willing to pull a bow back on.

Quantity: 2 per pack