Archery is a great activity for the entire family. However, we understand that learning about archery and hunting can be very intimidating. At Archery Country, we are here to help teach you and your loved ones everything you need to know and more! Our classes will go over basic knowledge, safety, and technique.

Classes at Archery Country

Archery Country Classes

Whether you're looking to freshen up your skills or you're brand new to Archery, our classes are a great place to start. Archery Country hosts classes tailored to individuals experience levels for 3 months each year starting in January. Scheduled classes are 3 weeks long, 1 night a week for an hour. If you miss out on classes, great news - you can still email your local Archery Country to inquire about a class for yourself and a group of your friends/family. Please send us an email letting us know how many people are in your group so we can get an instructor lined up. 


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If you don't have archery equipment, you can rent equipment from Archery Country for the duration of your class for $50. If at the end of the class you choose to purchase equipment, that $50 can be used towards your purchase.