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CuddeLink L-Series Cell Home

CuddeLink revolutionized cellular LTE trail cameras by significantly reducing the cost of LTE service. With traditional LTE trail cameras every camera requires a data plan such that multiple cameras can lead to excessive cost. With CuddeLink you can have up to 24 cameras on 1 cell plan.

CuddeLink creates a private wireless network that CuddeLink cameras use to deliver their images to CuddeLink Cell Home. Then Cell Home sends the images to you. With CuddeLink you can start with 1 or 2 cameras and add additional cameras and the LTE data cost does not increase, which is why we say, "up to 24 cameras, 1 cell plan, $10 per month."

CuddeLink Cell Home is the heart of the CuddeLink system, receiving images from CuddeLink cameras and sending them to you via LTE. Cell Home does not feature a camera, its purpose is to collect images from CuddeLink cameras and send them to you.