Conquest Scents Bomb 7 oz.

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Conquest Scents Bomb 7 oz.

Rutting Bomb, ConQuest Scents' scents are now available in an Aerosol Bomb! It can be dispensed in bursts which allows you to control how much scent is released at one time. Or, it can be dispensed all at one time, filling the entire hunting area with the best competition scent available! The nozzle atomizes the bomb as it is released into the hunting area. Atomizing allows the bombs to stick to vegetation in the environment so you can leave an active scent trail.

Use the Rutting Bomb as a high testosterone whitetail scent.

Use the EverCalm Bomb as a calming scent for herding in deer. 

Directions For Use
  • Optimal canister temperature is 40°-90°F. In cold weather, keep product indoors before hunting and inside coat pocket before use.
  • Shake container for 10 seconds, point valve opening downwind AND away from face during usage.
  • Partially depress tab for short bursts OR lock down to empty can (approximately 90 seconds).
  • Particles will blow downwind attaching to leaves, trees, brush and crops, creating a natural scent barrier between hunter and animals approaching from downwind. Get creative (mix scents, create mock scrapes, scent trails, or use with decoys).