Odin's Synthetic Scent Beads

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Odin's Synthetic Scent Beads


Doe estrous, in its most potent peak, is the doe’s changing hormones mixed with the chemistry of a doe’s urine emitting sensory signals to bucks indicating a doe is in the area and ready for breeding. Our high-quality synthetic blend effectively and consistently emulates the scent emitted by does during their prime reproductive period. Use during the peak of the rut to lure bucks to seemingly receptive does.


Dominant buck urine is a way for mature bucks to claim their territory and will also attract other bucks to the area. When used during pre-rut and rut, these time-release scent beads will lure rival bucks in to challenge for dominance. It is typically most effective when just one or two ounces are put into a scrape.


This unique blend of doe in estrous and dominant buck kept the buck coming back again and again…really got their attention! Enticing blend that attracts the bucks and also keeps them coming back to see what other bucks have been in THIER territory! In a scrape, it only takes a couple of ounces and lasts over 30 days. As you get closer to the rut, add a little extra doe in estrus.