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AXT Nitrix Quiver

Featuring patent pending Xtreme Drop Rack technology, the Nitrix is completely customizeable. The adjustable arrow rack makes it so you can stabilize all arrow sizes - from short to long - while the fully adjustable grame fits any bow length. Nitrix simply redefines what a quiver will do.

Xtreme Drop Rack Technology

Carbon Fiber adjustable arrow rack accommodates any length arrow - and dempens noise and vibration.


Fully collapsed, the Nitrix measures 13.5", fully xtended, it's 19.5".

Articulating Mounting System

Allows for quickly adjusting the quiver in close to the riser - for better balance and more accuracy.

Single Gripper Locking System

Ensures arrows are locked in and makes removal a breeze.

Kevlar Cable Adjustable D-Loop

For easy hanging when the quicer is detached

Grille Gate Hood

Allows shooter to see inside hood and quickly decide which arrow to use.


One quiver fits both left handed and right handed bows.