Viper Archery The Charge Plus Rechargeable Sight Light

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  • Never run out of light again – Rechargeable Lithium battery & back up coin battery
  • Lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge
  • Quiet, Vibration Absorbing rubber gear ties
  • 3 Brightness Settings – Low, Medium, and High
  • 3 Timer Settings – 2 Minutes, 5 Minutes, and Constant
  • 3 LED Color Settings – Blue, Red, and Green
  • Built in Memory to hold you settings
  • 3 Universal Fittings are Included: 1/4 – 28, 3/8 – 32, and 8 – 32
  • Micro USB charging cord included


If you’re looking to use all three LED colors to change the color of your pin, you will need to use either a clear or blue fiber. Both of these fibers will light up the color that is selected on the light (either red, green, or blue). However, it is important to note, that to do this, the LED light must be applied to the END of the fiber. Clear and blue fiber will NOT gather LED light if it is applied to the side of the fiber. Please ensure that your set-up has a way of applying light to the end of the fiber if you are looking to do this.

If choosing clear fiber, it must be used with a sight light as it will not gather ambient light. Blue fiber will gather some ambient light and can also be used with a UV sight light (like “The Charge” rechargeable sight light) if just a brighter blue is desired.

If using the Charge Plus with standard red or green fiber,  the light can be applied to the side of the fiber. The blue color LED setting works best for this application.