365 Archery Micro DVS Stabilizer

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365 Archery Micro DVS Stabilizer

The ultimate small diameter stabilizer. The Micro DVS combines a very stiff, high modulus carbon tube with our proprietary internal vibration damping material. The Micro DVS includes tight weight, sleek aluminum end caps with an adjustable weight system to get the perfect feet and performance out of your bow. The Micro DVS Stabilizer includes (2) 202 weights and rubber dampener.

Ultra Small Diameter

Drastically smaller high modulus carbon fiber tube for less wind resistance. Lighter weight than conventional stabilizers.

Internal Dampening

Proprietary internal vibration dampening material. Light weight, sleek design. Stackable weight system for optimum adjustability.

Micro DVS Weight System

The Micro DVS stabilizer includes a rubber dampener, sandwiched between 2-202 painted stackable weights. This system allows a shooter to add weight without adding a tor of length to the stabilizer. Multiple rubber dampeners can be also be pieced within the weight stack to totally customize your setup. This new weight system can he added to any stabilizer with a 5/16”—24 thread.